Australia – Multiracial Invasion

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During the great fratricidal wars that smashed Europe with the optimistic belief in unswerving human progress during the early part of the 20th century, a parallel conflict tore Australia asunder. It comprised of the two fiercely-fought campaigns that preceded referenda on conscription.

Flag of Australia

A factor that wove through these political battles, and arguably proved to be the clincher for the “NO” camp, was the fear of NON-white labour would be needed to fill the vacuum created by shipping reluctant Australians off to the European slaughterhouses.

A further horror filling Australian minds, was that of the miscegenation that would be brought in to train NON-white labour forces. This would be — according to the thinking of the day — nothing less than an offence against nature itself. These were fears that the opponents of conscription, including Ben Chifley, the man who would become one of Australia’s few truly legendary prime ministers, and who had not the least qualms in exploiting.

English: A relaxed, informal Ben Chifleyhttp:/...
Ben Chifley

The population was then 98% White.  Australia was also unashamedly, unapologetically, and by today’s perverted standards … damnably ‘racist’.

How did the Australia of those days become the Australia of today — which to Australians of the early 20th century would no doubt see a monstrous, nightmare world, which if it could be glimpsed then — be understood in terms of an armed invasion and a conquest that would have been resisted to the last bullet?

WHITE Australia in 1970 … BEFORE the Multi-racial invasion!


Today’s Multi-Racial Invasion Continues!

A reasonable answer would be one provided by some historians in their explanation for the collapse of civilizations. This theory sees such collapses preceded by the collapse in the value system of the hapless society.

Inextricably connected to its value system is a people’s belief in itself, which, once proud and implicit, becomes eroded to the point of despair and nihilism. This phenomenon can be most graphically seen in the fate of indigenous people whom history’s trajectory has brought into head-on collision with technologically advanced civilizations.

The difference between the collapse of previous civilizations, and the teetering structure of modern Western (White) civilization, is that the latter is fueled by a collective death-wish. After reaching undreamed pinnacles of modernity while uplifting the rest of the world with it, the White race now flagellates itself for its very success. This susceptibility appears to be a peculiarly White characteristic — linked, no doubt to the universal altruism inherent in Christianity, which for two thousand years monopolized the spiritual life of the West.

No other race exhibits this fatal flaw. It also appears that no other race has any qualms in benefiting from the exploitation of this fatal flaw. The thinking would go something like this:

If indeed the White race is intent on sacrificing itself on the altar of brotherly love, who are we to object? If Western man cannot be prevented from poisoning himself with White guilt over his perceived sins against the rest of humanity, might we not strengthen the poison in order shorten the suffering and hasten his end?

Whereas the chosen weapons of “mass self-destruction” in Europe and the U.S. are, respectively, Islamisation and Mestizo reconquista … while Australia has opted for ‘Asianisation’.

[Also New Zealand: ]

This process was once relegated to the realm of conspiracy theory; only “nutters and crack-pots” could possibly believe that such a thing could be happening. But as the racial transformation became self-evident on the streets of our major cities, and with the overflow siphoned off to our country towns — the social engineers with their god-complexes — could no longer keep their evil secret.

 “Australia is changing. We’re an anomaly as a European country in this part of the world. There’s already a large and growing Asian population in Australia and it is inevitable, in my view, that Australia will become a Eurasian country… I happen to think that’s desirable”. So said, Bill Hayden as Australian Foreign Minster in 1983.

But even with the emperor now seen to be wearing no clothes and mocking the Australian people for their gullibility, the racial transformers had little to fear. Their faith in the efficacy of Fabian gradualism was well placed. There is a little understood, but self-evident component of human nature that allows just about any crime to be perpetrated against people just as long as it’s done slowly and accompanied by constant assurances that it is being done for the victim’s own good.

It seems to matter little, that before it was done, the most emphatic promises were made that it wouldn’t be done.

At least since the 1850s when the Chinese swarmed in seeking our gold, the collective Australian psyche has been plagued by a fear of the swarming hordes to our north. It was little wonder then, that a ripple of unease spread throughout the country upon the arrival of the first ‘boat people’ fleeing Vietnam in 1975.

This reaction, we were instantly informed, was little more than to be expected from a nation of entrenched insularity and xenophobia. It was thought “the height of embarrassing, girlish silliness“. What could be so threatening about a few leaky boats and their pitiful human cargoes? There may even be more of them. But given we were part of the team responsible for raining death and destruction on their country, did we not have a moral responsibility to offer refuge to those fleeing the wreckage?

As more and more boats arrived, our fears were similarly assuaged in the fashion of a parent soothing an upset infant. Those who thought they may have been witnessing a thin edge of a wedge, were dealt with in a slightly sterner manner.

Asian immigration, — it was proclaimed — would never be more than a “thin trickle“; it was negligible and it would be a sheer impossibility for it to have the slightest effect on the racial make-up of the nation. So there! Get over it!

It goes without saying — that such blatant lying could not have blinded almost an entire population to what they were seeing with their own eyes in the years to come — without the aid of some fearfully powerful instruments of persuasion in the form of the mass media: TV, Radio, Newspaper and film, bolstered, of course, by the indoctrination that had subsumed the various levels of formal education. This was propagandizing raised to the level of a reality constructed to the specifications of those with most to gain.

Not only was acceptance of the Australian people’s replacement by alien races being manufactured, but so was the complacency surrounding the shipping off of the jobs not already taken by foreign workers to the lands they had just come from. Although this culminated in a virtual de-industrialization, the Australian people were naturally told that this also was for their “own good“. Generally speaking, they were not to know of something called the Lima Agreement that bound the country to a siphoning off of its wealth. It was signed in 1975 by an Australian government enthusiastically supported by the so called “Opposition parties” and said in part:

‘developed countries should assist the developing countries in raising the competitiveness of their production . . . they should adopt . . . elimination or reduction of tariff barriers in order to ensure increased exports of manufactured and semi-manufactured products . . . from developing countries ….

‘Special attention should be given to the least developed countries, which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods’.

If the Australian people had been paying close attention to these goings on, they may have noted an odd contradiction. After decades of being lectured to on the evils of Communism, here was Communism being ratcheted up several orders of magnitude far greater than anything Karl Marx could ever have dreamt of. Instead of individuals or social classes having their wealth redistributed to the needier, here were entire nations involved in the redistribution. “From each according to his ability and to each according to his need” … indeed.

The process of unrelenting dispossession was not perfectly smooth. If perfect smoothness was — in fact — in the interests of those channeling history; perhaps the odd ruffle may have added a dab of paint to the fading image of ‘democracy’, and the odd ruffle was there.

Usually erupting and then slowly disappearing like pimples, one ‘pimple’ proved a little more difficult to remove. This was the outburst of nationalist resentment unwittingly given rise to by an amateur politician named Pauline Hanson. Largely a creation of the media after her star-quality newsworthiness was realized, this shooting star’s trajectory became so steep that the liberal establishment, and assorted hangers-on, were shaken out of their smug complacency by a social earth-tremor. When all else had failed: ridicule, vilification, character-assassination was employed, and the problem solved by Pauline being jailed, and becoming, in fact, a political prisoner.

Like a cattle prod to keep the human cattle in line, the charge of racism showed no sign of losing its almost magical potency. Racism had become the cardinal sin of the United Nation’s endorsed religion, and rapidly superceded Christianity. “Racism” had become expertly linked with ‘Hate’, the first emotion to be effectively outlawed. If ‘Hate‘ could in any way be seen as the motive for a crime, the “crime” was then deemed far more heinous than the same crime committed for a different motive.

Australians, like other members of the White family in far flung corners of the world, had been taught that their race was really the only one capable of the crimes of “racism and hate“. There were isolated instances of other races straying into these forbidden areas, but they were such an anomaly, as to require a different term, that of reverse racism. This cemented in place the concept of White “racism” being the original sin.

Australians moreover, after being thoroughly drenched in guilt regarding their ‘invasion’ of the (primitive) continent on which they had constructed a modern civilization, and the ‘genocide’ of the original inhabitants, are then encouraged to reflect on the hurt they had inflicted on the people they had once thought of as the ‘yellow peril’. There was of course only one way to atone for this, and that was to reverse the thinking that had informed ‘White Australia’ by opening the flood gates, thereby creating a “Yellow” Australia.

This also could be seen as an act of appeasement, as an Asian invasion was a historical inevitability just biding its time. Better to pre-empt the inevitable, and hope to gain kinder terms of surrender. This logic could easily be seen as a variation of the thinking made famous during the Vietnam War: ‘we had to destroy the village in order to save it’.

Being amongst the inventors of racism, it perhaps does not occur to many Australians, that the people we have slighted so long, could be capable of harbouring similar dark thoughts by themselves. These innocents would benefit hugely from a perusal of The Asian Mind Game by Chin-ning Chu, an international lecturer and expert on Asian psychology. She writes:

‘To some racially-sensitive western (WHITE) readers, discussions of the characteristics of separate ethnic and national groups might seem to border on “racism”. The Asian concept of racism is very different than the western concept. Concepts of racial superiority have never been questioned as they have been in the West.

There are strong feelings among the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans on the subject of racial superiority even though the peoples are very closely related from an evolutionary standpoint. The idea that one people is racially superior to another is almost universally acknowledged. Whether that race is Chinese, Korean or Japanese depends on whether you’re listening to a Chinese, Korean or Japanese person expound his views on the subject.

‘Asians do not have the same sensitivity to racial issues as do Americans [or Australians]. The issue is not as emotionally charged for them. Asians regard it as natural to feel that their race, their nation … are better than yours.

Westerners exhibit most of these same attitudes and refer to them in mildly pejorative terms as “chauvinistic”, “nationalistic”, “provincial”. But “racist” is a very ugly word in English, even though it often only expresses the same common weakness of mankind to believe that mine is better than yours.’

‘Asians do not feel guilty about thinking in racial terms, but they do understand that westerners … do.

They will often use accusations of racism to disarm their Western opponents. The same Japanese politicians who loudly impute racist motives to American criticism of Japan believe implicitly that they are racially superior to Caucasians, and also to their Korean and Chinese neighbours. They will never admit these beliefs to a Westerner, but among Asians, thinking in racial terms is too commonplace to bother with denial or guilt.’ [Italics mine]

It would seem that Australians, along with the rest of the European racial family have been patiently indoctrinated into a state of what psychiatrists term ‘cognitive dissonance’. This happens when two conflicting ideas are retained in the mind at the same time with the resulting frustration being kept largely below the level of consciousness.

Australians could not be unaware that people of other races exhibit racist tendencies, but are yet led to believe that these are so inconsequential as to be non-existent. By the same token, Whites have been hypnotized into believing that multi-racialism/multiculturalism will lead to “paradise” on Earth, but seldom do they wonder why only White homelands are the only recipients of such “wondrous” gifts.

Results are in! Today’s newly “Enriched” Australia. 

Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” [2].

Fraser was persecuted by the so-called “Human Rights” industry … for telling the truth.



Here is another glaring contradiction that rarely sees the light of consciousness: If, it seems Whites are considered worthy of the multicultural experiment because they alone have attained a higher moral standard — is this not paradoxically the height of true racism and arrogance?

He says “It has to stop“! It should NOT have begun!
Africans for Africa! Asians for Asia! White countries for EVERYBODY!

Such questions often float over the heads of Australians like puffy and unnoticed clouds on a balmy summer’s day. Citizens of the ‘Lucky Country’ tramp obediently off to polling booths at regular intervals blithely unaware that the stooges they vote into power are simply branch managers of the New World Order.

Voters cannot conceive of their country’s sovereignty being all but leached away by the signing of an untold number of international treaties and agreements. They watch, for example, politicians from Team A and Team B pretending to argue over immigration policy when control was long ago ceded by both teams via the signing of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination which is effectively interpreted to mean that Whites need not apply.

Australia 2009
White Australian

And so — as blissfully ignorant as cattle being herded towards the gates of the slaughter-houseAustralians continue to watch mind-rotting television — dress like clowns in the colours of their preferred football teams — read the news selected for them by newspaper owners — and thrill to the antics of celebrities, while their own birthrights and heritage are quietly slipped out from under them — it seems that only a miracle can save them. >Source

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  1. Being an American is not dependent on race and color. I remember that Robin Williams movie as a Russian immigrant to New York where he says “I haven’t met any Americans yet.” He did not know there were millions all around him !

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