WAKE UP, Canada!



EMPLOYMENT EQUITY (Affirmative Action in the U.S.) was introduced to Canada in 1986 on the recommendation of a report chaired by Rosalie Abella, at that time a (province of Ontario) judge.

(Abella) She is currently a member of Canada’s Supreme Court.

Her report resulted in Employment Equity laws to promote Preferential Hiring in Canada’s public sector.

That campaign has since been followed by a similar campaign in Canada’s private sector. As a result of her work, probably hundreds of thousands of visible-minorities (NON-white foreigners) have been granted PREFERENCE in hiring practises.

(“Preferential Hiring” is code-speak for ANTI-WHITE hiring practices Editor)

In a reply to Abella in 1998, Canadian academic Dr. Martin Loney published “The Pursuit of Division : Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring in Canada”. 

The main point that Martin Loney made in the book was that Abella lacked empirical evidence for her conclusions. For example, Loney stated that some visible minority groups were actually doing better than White Canadians, so it was incorrect to conclude that Visible Minorities suffered from “systemic discrimination”. 

Furthermore, many Canadians who are aware of these effects would say that Employment Equity (E.E.) legislation has created a much more serious problem … because it has institutionalized “systemic discrimination” AGAINST Canadian-born White males

Two more examples …

ANTI-White Police Hiring

Winnipeg Police Surrender To Diversity

In summary, the report done by Rosalie Abella has created a Canadian Holocaust. Its inaccurate conclusions have been used to elicit guilt from Canadians, to justify Canada’s unnecessary high immigration intake, and to intimidate those who question that high intake. Its effects may dwarf the effects of the European Holocaust which Abella’s parents escaped. For the record, Abella was born in a Displaced Person’s (DP) Camp in Stuttgart, Germany on July 1, 1946. Her (JEWISH) family arrived in Canada as refugees in 1950.

(((WHO))) is behind all this enforced “multiculturalism”??

Read more: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century

To make up for the damage that Employment Equity (EE) laws have done, Canada needs to conduct a sweeping investigation to determine the number of people who have been hired because of these ill-considered laws. This legislation has been implemented by not only federal, provincial and municipal governments, but also by much of Canada’s private sector.

No Punjabi, NO Job for Canadian Nurse

White Woman Faces Job Discrimination


[WHITES DECLINE in direct proportion to INCREASING influxes of NON-white immigrants and their progeny.]

As an introduction, we present a few examples (from data provided by The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) of the effects of E.E. (employment-equity) in Canada’s federal civil service. 

As of March 31 1999, about 13 years after E.E. laws began, the Public Service of Canada (PSC) employed 178,340 people. From that total, 91,856 were women, 5124 were Aboriginals, 8137 were people with disabilities, and 10,557 were persons in a Visible Minority Group.

No data was available to show the number of women and other groups employed before 1999, but the fact that women in 1999 comprised over half of the total number of federal employees is striking.  However, it was already evident that Visible Minorities (most of whom were probably newly-arrived IMMIGRANTS) were being granted more preferences than Aboriginals and the Disabled … of whom most are Canadian-born.

As of March 31, 2011, the Public Service of Canada  (PSC) employed 202,631. Of that total, 111,051 were women, 9486 were Aboriginal, 11,388 were Persons with Disabilities, and 22,998 were Visible Minorities.

It is worth noting that from 1999 to 2011, the PSC increased in size by 24,291. It is even more worth noting that Visible Minority employees INCREASED by 12,441 … or about 50% of the total increase. 

This significant increase is probably a result of a concerted effort by the Public Service of Canada (the PSC) to hire Visible Minorities. It should be noted that the Visible Minority hiring is possibly even larger than reported because Visible Minority employees — in applying for a PSC job — are not required to declare that they belong to a Visible Minority group. 

Again, the raw numbers also show that Visible Minorities increased their representation far greater than Aboriginals and Persons with Disabilities.    

Many Canadians would agree that the P.S.C. should make a very strong effort to hire Canada’s own Aboriginals, and its Disabled CITIZENS. However, many would also agree that giving preference to Visible Minorities (VM) who are FOREIGN-born, compounds the first mistake of bringing these IMMIGRANTS to Canada.

This is “placing the cart before the horse”, when a just-arrived FOREIGNER from some 3rd-world hell-hole lands a solid job in OUR Canadian government … while an under-employed, Canadian-born private sector employee has the monotonous task of running this immigrant’s groceries through a checkout counter at a minimum-wage job in a Canadian grocery store! 

Visit any provincial or federal government office in a major Canadian city, and count the number of NON-whites working there. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised. Calgary is a major Canadian city, yet those citizens elected a NON-white, MOSLEM mayor who complains that City Hall is “TOO WHITE”.

Most Canadians correctly believe that access to a job is an essential part of being born here. Similarly, they think that Canada should not be acting as an employment agency for the world’s unemployed people. By doing this, Canada inevitably DENIES jobs to our own Canadian-born citizens.

Another major concern that Canadians have about Employment-Equity is (state) security. It is common sense that Canada should be very cautious about people who come from countries that are interested in acquiring secret and strategic information about Canadian high tech and resource businesses, or information on Canada and its NATO allies. But there is little evidence that Canada has exercised any caution is employing these (foreign-born) immigrants in sensitive departments. 

For example, it is worthwhile noting that the percentage of Visible Minorities (VM) employed in departments such as CITIZENSHIP and IMMIGRATION is high. This department makes major immigration policy decisions,  issues visas, and is supposed to uphold the interests of Mainstream Canada.

Yet, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 18.8% ( 850 of a total of 4514 employees). How much is the presence of these VM employees stifling the expression of very real concerns that mainstream Canadian Citizenship and Immigration employees have? (All these figures are for 2011 so are very outdated.)

Guess what happened in late 2016?!

SOMALI-born, Black Muslim REFUGEE appointed as … CANADA’s IMMIGRATION  MINISTER?!?


In the PASSPORT Department, where fraud has been a serious problem in the past, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 19.5% ( 478 of a total of 2447 employees).

Anyone having visited the Richmond (British Columbia) PASSPORT OFFICE will be shocked to see that employees are overwhelmingly, and probably newly-arrived Chinese IMMIGRANTS themselves.  Has this increased the potential for fraud?

  Just these examples would find favour with the 6th Century Chinese General SUN TZU should he had strategized a method of infiltration into a foreign nation. ONLY Canadian-born citizens should be employed in such sensitive positions as in our CANADIAN PASSPORT offices or Canada’s CITZENSHIP and IMMIGRATION ministry or CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY!  And, to use one of the leftists’ favourite phrases  against them, “employees should reflect the people they serve“. Canada’s White population has plummeted to about 76% … from 1981 when Whites accounted for 95%).    >ELN Editor

On Canada’s IMMIGRATION and REFUGEE BOARD, where crucial decisions are made to give foreigners refugee status, and eventual permission to bring in very large numbers of potentially fake relatives, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 26.8% ( 223 of a total of 833 employees).  Has ANYONE asked a question about this?

Nope! Guilt-infested Whites would considered that question to be ‘racist‘ … so DON’T ask!

The percentage of Visible Minorities in department of HUMAN RESOURCES and SKILLS DEVELOPMENT may seem small at 12.7% … but also note this translates to 2935 of a total of 23,092 employees. This large number is part of a department which allowed about 400,000 Temporary FOREIGN Workers (TFW’s) to work in CANADA in 2012.

In the past few months, Canadians have learned that this department has permitted mainland CHINESE miners to be stealthily imported to fill T.F.W.  jobs which several hundred Canadian applicants were DENIED. This case should make clearer the point … that employers are probably widely abusing the TFW program. Have some (ETHNIC) employees with ethnic connections to these employers assisted some of these employers?

Gullible WHITE Canadians would never think otherwise in our dumbed-downed, political-correct society.

The percentage of Visible Minorities employed in the CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY (CBSA) is also 12.7%, but the raw numbers are very high (1750 NON-whites out of a total of 13,831 employees).

This department is responsible for investigating IMMIGRATION fraud. It is no exaggeration to say that immigration fraud is rampant, mainly because the backgrounds of most of the immigrants who enter Canada are not being checked.

We know when fraud is reported, this department (CBSA) does not even bother to investigate a very large number of cases. Has this department ever asked the question whether loyalties of some of its (foreign-born) employees lean more to their country of origin … than to Canadians?

(Read a sampling of a former Border guard’s experience: PART 1)

How many unemployed/under-employed and qualified CANADIAN-born citizens have been DENIED government jobs in our own public sector just to fill a quota with NON-white FOREIGNERS, you may ask. (Just ONE EXAMPLE)

These are “not jobs that Canadians refused to do”, yet these secure government job positions are unfairly doled out to resident FOREIGNERS from INDIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN, the Phillipines or other 3rd-world countries. (Another EXAMPLE)  

 Aside from those special government jobs that should always be restricted to Canadian-born citizens, maybe then, we could offer Canada’s foreign-born residents an open invitation to OUR government job sector, BUT only after having had  legal residence for a minimum of 12 years!  Although — before even that happens — only qualified Canadian-born citizens must (not should) be given top priority in any government job placement in their OWN country!

In a REVERSE scenario, their native countries’ often corrupt governments would never grovel to “political-correctness” by hiring foreign-born Whites to work in their passport offices, or their border control stations, or their international airports, or their immigration departments over and above their own citizens.  AND … they would BE RIGHT right to do so!  
ELN Editor

In summary … a sweeping investigation of the entire Employment-Equity program would give Canadians a much better picture of what has actually occurred, and probably produce convincing evidence that the Visible Minority section of E.E. should NEVER have been implemented … and should be ended A.S.A.P. – Source

Video insertions, plus (Parenthesized), CAPITALIZED, underlined , bolded, italicized words and commentary are by ELN editor for added emphases.

WHITE People are only 8% of the World’s Population, and just 2% are WHITE women of child-bearing age!

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

                      The trend is graphically clear. In 2018 NON-whites have INCREASED over 23% while White-Euro Canadians have DECREASED to LESS than 72%. (Native Indians [5%] NOT included in above graph)

It took only 3 decades for Canada‘s traditional 95% White majority to plummet to 71.5% today (2018). Your White children and  future grandchildren are now expected to be a minority race themselves in the next two generations — IF action is not immediately taken against this genocidal immigration trend.

There is HOPE … if more Europeans are awakened.


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  1. I am a white woman whose family is here 400 years. I have been out of work for 3. 5 years. I have been to college twice and had to get loans. The immigrants get free grant monies. ALso I cannot get into a govt job all my life and I am highly skilled. I also have canadian born friends out of work who are very upset that newcomers not even from canada get to jump the loop…..and get hired before we do and alot of them are unskilled.

    1. If more marginalized Canadians spoke up about their personal plights in the job market and became less politically-correct in expressing those views, then perhaps our voices might be heard. Unfortunately, most Canadians are too afraid of being called a “racist” (whatever that means) to express any solidarity of their own White heritage.

      Incidentally, I personally avoid using the euphemistic term of “newcomers”. It’s a nice, glossy-sounding word that was recently inserted into Canada’s public vocabulary when describing IMMIGRANTS. It’s just another word-play to disguise the fact that these people are FOREIGN guests in MY country.

      For the most part of our history, these recent foreigners have played no active role in developing our country to the standards we’ve reached today. Yet, they receive all the unearned social welfare benefits we have to offer. We owe these people NOTHING, yet we offer them our best paying jobs through Anti-White “employment-equity” programs, plus a generous fall-back position in our welfare programs. How can they lose??

      If Euro-Canadians don’t immediately begin taking back possession of THEIR OWN developed nation through word or deed, you can be assured the invading masses of 3rd world FOREIGNERS will be happy to dispossess you of the only home you’ve ever known. This week alone, 5,000 NON-white immigrants have landed on our soil, and another 5,000 “multi-cultural” foreigners are due to arrive next week, and so forth. Just three decades ago (1981), our White Canadian population stood at 95%. Today, our White population numbers have plummeted to 77% and continue to drop every year due to massive numbers of incompatible foreigners displacing the original builders of this nation-state called Canada.

    1. … and multiply your son’s predicament by the tens of thousands, and Canadians will understand just how deeply entrenched this ANTI-white mind set has become.

      We never read of these occurrences in mainstream newspapers, or hear of it on national television … and that is just where the controlled media wish you to be — being uninformed of your own displacement! However, Canada is not alone. Every Euro-based White nation is under a similar attack as seen by reading many other posts on this Blog. If you wish to research further, use the “search” space and type in some key words.

      Little blogs as this … cannot fight the “big boys” in this media game, so we’re hardly effective on a mass scale. PaxCanadiana who wrote the following (link below) laments the fact in her last post: “I don’t know why I even bother”. I can understand her frustration.


    2. Found another one today out of vancouver. A white man born in vancouver to parents from europe who cannot get a job due to racist language laws that state you need to speak hindi, mandarin, and so on. His name is Jan Kowalski and he had a post on Immigration Canada web site. He is having the same problems that I am having in ottawa- but here you have to speak french for most jobs, in vancouver they require hindi, punjabi or mandarin. Where is someone born here suppose to learn these langauges?? I thought canada was an english country??

      1. For White Canadians encountering problems in the job market due to language or race discrimination, I’d suggest visiting a newspaper reporter who’s willing to publish your story. There are thousands of stories similar to your own tale, but seldom given much press coverage unless we start agitating against ANTI-white displacement policies. The onus is on the foreigner to know English or French, NOT for you to learn their language unless you’re emigrating to China or India.

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