Senseless War Mongering

By Frosty Wooldridge


Our U.S. Congress reeks of warmongering by starting the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm War and Iraq War for no valid reason, whatsoever.

We killed millions of people and destroyed millions of parents, adults and children. Millions! We remain in Afghanistan, long after bin Laden met his death—still killing their people and ours—with no positive result.

Iraq – NOTHING To Be Proud Of

Over the decades, our drones and bombs have created hundreds of thousands of “Newtown, Connecticut’s” where millions of people have died in the aforementioned countries.  We insist on maintaining 450,000 military personnel on 700 bases around the world to show-case our ability to kill anyone whose perspective doesn’t match ours.  After the 10 year Vietnam War, over 200,000 of our soldiers became so distraught from their experiences—they committed suicide. Today … an average of four current or former US soldiers commit suicide daily from their war traumas.

 Kill Anything That Moves – Vietnam

More millions emotionally limp along (with the affects of) drugs, depression, PTSD and alcoholism. Some experts predict, yet another 200,000 U.S. soldiers will commit suicide from their military service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While we war upon other countries for decades, and after Columbine’s mass murders, we fail to take care of our own youth, such as the young man who just killed 26 innocent human beings. An average of 18 teenagers commit suicide in America every single day of the year, every year, every decade—without pause.


As our U.S. government foments, creates and imposes wars on countries 10,000 miles away, we suffer the cruelty of 14 million jobless Americans, 47, 700, 000 people living on food stamps, 1.5 million homeless people and 2.3 million Americans subsisting in prisons.

The final costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan War will reach into the Trillions of dollars ($1 Trillion = $1 million distributed to one million Americans, EACH), when that money could have been used to create a more just, hopeful and prosperous society for all our citizens.

[Remember,  Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.
Iraq never attacked the United States, or even threatened to do so. In the Iraq
War, the U.S. government was the aggressor while Iraq was simply defending
their own nation from that aggressor.

The United States had no authority, legal or moral, to attack, invade, and occupy Iraq. No nation has the authority to attack another nation and kill their citizens in the process.]


We Americans, need to reassess ourselves.

We need to invent or discover another path. We need to open toward a spiritual awakening. We need to move toward slower living, inter-related living and environmentally balanced living.

We need to eschew 80,000 chemicals injected into our air, water and ground 24/7—most definitely scrambling our emotions, body chemistries and minds.

[Read: Chemtrails Are Poison Trails]

We need to live and grow in smaller, community-oriented cities. (As John Muir said, ‘There is not a single sane man in all of San Francisco’.) We need both fathers and mothers for our children so they grow into healthy adults who value themselves, and know they are essential. We must extricate ourselves from the pervasive violence in our culture by moving toward peaceful solutions, love and kindness.

This transformation requires you, your actions, your passions, your energy and your optimism for the future. >Full article.

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