Is Multi-Culti A CULT?

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By Anna Tree
OF COURSE … multiculturalism is a CULT containing all the religious ZEAL of promoting salvation!

The word salvation implies that we are in danger, we need help and/or need to be rescued. This is not true!  We don’t need multiculturalism, it is no salvation; in fact, it has the opposite affect by destroying and killing us.

Like other cultists, liberalists are willing to die for their faith of multiracialist/moral relativism/political-correctness dogmas.

I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...Miscegenation is the suicide of one’s own race. A mixed-marriage kills half of one’s genes and one’s image (your descendants are forever different from you).

It’s Avraham smashing the idols all over again — although this time around — Whiteness being the false god (or false gods of different white skin tones, eyes colors, hair color, with or without freckles, etc).

Liberalists can redeem themselves by brainwashing their kids to miscegenate, or at least adopt NON-white children to take the place of a White child.


CANADIAN couple arriving home at the Saskatoon, SK international airport with adopted Negro boy from Haiti.  (Emily Elias/CBC)

Liberalism’s martyrs are not those beaten or killed by blacks or muslims.

Their best saints and martyrs willingly commit cultural and/or racial suicide, and by helping, converting, adopting or marrying other races for the glory of the liberalist faith … or strongly promote liberalism by brainwashing new victims, or by giving money to theirglorious” cause.

[Read:  “Diversity” Is a BIG LIE]

Liberalists themselves may not be ready to be directly tortured, executed or killed, but nevertheless, they willingly choose to have no children, or adopt NON-white children, or miscegenate … same result.Salvation (The Cranberries song)

[Read: State-Enforced Miscegenation]

Their liberalized actions, whether in elections, opinions, pathological altruism, or through their jobs — from the judge who frees illegal immigrant criminals to the equally indoctrinated teacher who brainwashes our kids — puts others in harm’s way.

Usually, those “others” are poorer Whites who don’t have the money to live in White neighborhoods, or send their kids to White schools, etc, and notably poorer because their jobs were outsourced to NON-white countries through liberalism, or given away to NON-whites, or to illegal foreign nationals in their own towns and cities.

OTHER religious aspects:  evangelism — “new” world view — new institutions or converting existing universities into temples — new morals — quasi witch-hunts/inquisitions of dissidents — censuring books, etc… and blind faith and the concept of “salvation“.

Liberalism is a set of (foolish) beliefs suggesting that all races are equal, racial diversity is “sacred, Whites are “evil, race-mixing is the ultimate purpose of the universe … and so on. >Source


From Cambria Will Not Yield:

“I can’t get past that nine-year-old English boy who committed suicide after being tormented (bullied) by Asian (meaning: Pakistani and Indian) spawns of Satan.

The boy was a victim of what the liberals call ‘diversity‘, which is the CODE name for the hatred of the White race, and the worship of the colored races. Our children are being taught to hate themselves, and to expect a life of torture at the hands of the savage races of color. And a false universalism in the Christian churches is responsible for the suicide of the White race: because the church men have called the love of one’s kith and kin, the only type of love that can connect us to Him, ‘racist and heinous’. Without their racial backbone the European people are without a soul”:

‘There is nothing remotely noble about multiracialism … as the Press would have it [ed. I would add “as the clergy would have it” as well]. On the contrary, it is loathsome and sinister. It is not Godly but Devilish: an offense against the Creator. To espouse it means that one despises one’s own race, one’s own wife and children, and their children in turn. This means that one cannot venerate or respect anything at all. To espouse multiracialism is not evidence of love, but of the very opposite of it.’  -Anthony Jacob

“That is the crux of the matter. “Diversity” is based on the hatred of one’s own people, one’s own parents, wife, children, and grandchildren.

A cousin of mine — on a recent visit — was waxing nostalgic about her parents, her grandparents, and the love that once was there when they were alive. She talked sadly of her nephew who had married outside his own race, and wondered what was happening to the world. But then she tried to be a good American“: ‘Oh well, I guess it’s all for the best, we have to adjust to progress.’

WHY must we adjust?” I asked her. “I have NO intention of adjusting!

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