To Kill The Beast

By Steed

There is a beast whose tentacles envelope almost every area of society.

I would argue that almost every injustice – particularly those injustices specific to the English (and peoples indigenous to their country the World over) –  is ultimately a result of this tentacled beast. It has a mostly unseen strangle-hold upon everything. It is responsible for over-taxation, immigration, political correctness, widespread drug abuse, poor health, corruption, war, abuse of the legal system and everything down to littering. And if anyone sincerely wants to know how it causes these things I think I could offer a reasonable explanation.

The head of the beast is unseen by most people, but many do observe its tentacles. Problem is, they do not recognise that those tentacles belong to the same body and so they campaign against immigration, or against pollution, or against war, or against taxation… or any other small issue which is important to them.

By doing this they are metaphorically stabbing at single tentacles, and on the rare occasion that they achieve a small victory they turn their backs in triumph only to find that the tentacle has regrown later on, but perhaps with a different texture and colour – sliming its way back into position slowly, so as not to be noticed.

So personally, I’m done with campaigning for those smaller issues because it feels futile to me. I do, of course, care about all of those things, and where I’m able to contribute without sacrificing too much time and money, I will, if only to maintain the spirit of rebellion. But I wholeheartedly believe that we must begin turning our attention to the head of the beast – to kill it.

To do that we must first be aware that it is one beast and that it has a central nervous system to be slain. This is what I attempt to do with my online presence, and my blog  – to show people that these are pieces of a larger puzzle.

But how to kill it? We could identify the head (easily done), then arm ourselves and march upon the City of London. But in the unlikely event of a successful storming and roundup of those crooks involved, we would then find that the head of the beast is actually a mind shared by a beast in almost every country of the World. Those other beasts then turn on us in vengeance … and we have achieved nothing.

So I propose starving the beast.

Rather than go on the offensive and meet certain failure against a well-armed state, we build a formidable defence against their demands on us. We simply withdraw consent and cease to feed the beast that has demanded so much from us for so long.

We turn our backs on the material-consumer lifestyle and avoid bank loans. We avoid taxes without risking our livelihood where possible, we buy local and boycott supermarkets, withdraw our names from the electoral register, grow our own food, turn off the TV, stop buying newspapers, affect the energy companies by using less of their supply, homeschool, withhold the BBC Licence Fee, fight every unlawful parking and speeding fine… and so on.

The beast not only requires our money to survive, but our consent and allegiance. Their power is based on a self-created illusion, presented to us via television and popular media. Without that we wouldn’t even know about the thousands of new laws they apply every year. We wouldn’t know who the Queen is, and that she supposedly has a divine right to rule. We would begin focusing our attention on the real world around us and the people of our neighbourhood. Our community would be the new recipient of the ‘food’ we have withheld from the anonymous beast that overshadows our entire World.  Source> Eye of Woden (No longer active)

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