Canada’s Anchor Babies

By PaxCanadiana

We need to change (Canada’s) citizenship laws to prevent the production of these “anchor babies.”  They’re not Canadians and shouldn’t be considered as such. They’re just pawns in a game to play Canada’s immigration system by their deceitful (foreign) parents.

Canadian visa for single entry
Canadian Visa for Single Entry

I posit that the laws should be changed so that citizenship is granted only to those children born of parents whose long-term residency status is assured.  This would include Canadian citizens, those with (P.R.) permanent residency status, and refugees whose claims have been accepted and are not being contested in the courts.

Those whose permanent residency (P.R.)  is not guaranteed; like temporary foreign workers, those in Canada on a visitor’s visa or student visa, or refugees whose claims have not been determined, should not have Canadian citizenship bestowed on their children born on Canadian territory. [… as the old adage states: Because a man is born in a stable … that does not make him a (‘Canadian’) horse“. – Editor.]

Some may now be asking what would happen to the children if the laws were changed as per my suggestion.  My answer is I don’t know, but that’s not our problem.  Somewhere here, the parents need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, because rewarding the cheating of the immigration system by abusing Canada’s birthright citizenship laws has to stop.

The most absurd example of this was when a Ugandan woman gave birth mid-flight over Canadian airspace on a plane trip destined for Boston, USA.  In the end, the little spawn was actually given Canadian citizenship just because it was born (at an altitude of 35,000 ft.) in Canadian airspaceWhat a joke!

The law — as it stands now — is absurd. Legally it makes Canada responsible for the care of the children of NON-citizens.  This is like finding yourself being forced to take care of some stranger’s child just because it was born in your house.

You wouldn’t accept that now would you … so why should Canada??  >Canadian Immigration Reform Blog

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… meanwhile

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