Childhood Being Destroyed

By Rufus

A recent survey conducted with parents, has concluded that childhood ends at 12 years of age for most children.  This news is currently on the radio in the UK, and the way that it is presented is in a tone of shock and disbelief.  However, the hypocrites of the media who decry the loss of childhood innocence, are themselves a key factor in the destruction of youth.

Peers become important in middle childhood and...
Peers become important in middle childhood and have an influence distinct from that of parents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turn on any radio station which plays ‘pop’ music, and one finds oneself bombarded with foul lyrics focused on the need to have sex, to be pretty, and to be ‘popular’ – itself a term used euphemistically to encourage promiscuity.  Television and the film industry ridicule virginity, and promote race-mixing and experimental sex with as many people as possible of both genders and every race.  Sex education in schools bombards children with pornographic material, backed up with a politically correct message that it is ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’ to behave in the manner of a bisexual whore, albeit an unpaid one.

With the constant barrage of propaganda promoting sex as a be-all and end-all for everyone, is it any wonder that children see the act of sex as a way to prove that they are ‘grown-ups’?

Pop music aimed at children is replete with lyrics which are often so obscene that cds are accompanied by ludicrous ‘parent advisory’ warnings; warnings which only serve to make the so-called music more desirable to children who feel the need to rebel.  This, of course, is the whole idea.  The school system condemns children who do not wish to engage in acts of homosexuality as “bigots”.  Likewise children who do not wish to have sex with people from outside their race, are condemned by the Establishment.  Children should not be encouraged to have sex with anyone!

For the hypocrites of the media to gasp in horror at the sexualisation of children, then in the very next moment, promote a film or piece of music which encourages children to adopt the lifestyle of prostitutes, is hypocrisy of such an extreme that it explains how the serial pædophile, Jimmy Savile, was able to go about his evil trade for his entire adult life with no opposition.

As any parent knows, children copy adults; this is how they learn.  When adults abdicate their responsibilities, leaving children at the mercy of the State and the media, it does not take a genius to know that they will mimic the attitudes and behaviours of those who are presented to them as role models.
Teachers in the Zionised West are effectively commissars of Cultural Marxism; inculcating the young with the diseased thought of homosexual extremists, internationalist miscegenators and materialistic destroyers of the spiritual.  Sex education lessons cannot but create a desire to put into practice all which is taught; when lessons teach that sodomy and lesbianism are natural lifestyle choices, children will feel compelled to engage in acts of perversion.
Children in the West are under a relentless assault from the media, education system and of course their equally embattled peers, to abandon the innocence of childhood and become depraved sexual beasts.  In the multi-culti nightmare in which we are immersed, the presence of (foreign) aliens who regard non-believers as dirty animals to be sexually abused at will, only makes the problem of promiscuity worse; especially when indigenous children are taught that to refuse to have sex with people who belong to the Mohammedan Cult, is ‘racist’.
The only chance for our children to get through this minefield unscathed, is for we parents – indeed for all adults – to take responsibility for them.  Children learn to dress as slags through watching pop stars on the television – take the television away and should they express a desire to dress as whores, don’t let them!
Children become obsessed with sex through listening to degrading musicdon’t let them! 
If possible, home school your children.  Abandoning your children to the Establishment’s education system, is tantamount to acquiescing in their brain-washing.  For those who cannot home school, every opportunity must be taken to learn exactly what they are being taught by the mis-educators, and doing everything possible to reverse the damage.
Childhood matters.  Children are the most important people in our society, because they are the future.  Childhood does not end at 12; it is being destroyed by design.
Identifying the instruments of destruction (the State, the media, pop culture, fashion et al) is the key to saving our children.  Once we can see who is damaging our children we can stop them.  There are parents who allow their children to watch television unsupervised, and who do not know what their children are listening to.  This is an outrage and is inexcusable.  If we do not defend our children, then the battle is already lost.
Turn off the television!  Turn off the radio!  Throw the magazines in the bin!  Take responsibility for your children; guiding them away from all harmful influences.  If childhood ends at 12, that is the fault of the parents who have failed to protect their own.  If there is only one aspect of our lives which we refuse to hand over to the enemy, it has to be this one.  >Source
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