White Students – Bow Your Heads!

By LimeLite

Apparently the WISCONSIN Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) want White high-school students to WEAR WHITE WRISTBANDS as a REMINDER of their White “privilege”.

[EMAIL: State Superintendent Tony Evers at dpistatesuperintendent@dpi.wi.gov]

And that’s not all.

White students should also find time each day to critically examine how White “privilege” is working for them; and, they should put a note on their mirror or computer screen, as a REMINDER to THINK about their White “privilege” lives.

Well, blow me over.

In between remembering to remember about how they are so full of White “privilege” … just when do these White “privilege” kids get (time) to study? You know, so that they can one day find a frigging job to pay their White “privilege” taxes, so that those who aren’t White, and therefore immune to any privileges, can suck off the taxes paid by the White “privileged” tax payers??

Is this what America has been reduced to?

Not enough to lose hundreds of thousands of White boys and men during the Civil War … fighting and dying to free the frigging slaves.

[It’s] not enough that America went through the violent Civil Rights era, so that Blacks can be ‘equal’ to Whites.  So that TODAY – they STILL haven’t had enough equality, and now need to demonise, vilify and humiliate White kids because they STILL can’t make anything of their own lives without help from Whites in every sector of life.

White students have to bow down to Affirmative Action so that those incompetent “minorities” can be forced into education facilities which they can’t get into on their own.

Out in the real world, Whites have to bow down to Affirmative Action so that “minorities” can get a leg up in the workplace, because otherwise, “minorities” can’t get a job on their own. No wonder the majority of “minorities” work for the US government, where they get into a job based on the color of their skin alone. No privilege to be seen there.

Just look at the the Post Office, as an example. Crumbling, bankrupt, corrupt, inefficient and the majority of workers are (racial) minorities. Other Government departments? Useless, slow and incompetent, with the majority Black and Hispanic workers.

Whites are excluded from these jobs because the “minorities” can’t get a job otherwise … so it’s government to the rescue – straight into high-paying, secure government jobs, paid by the White “privilege” citizens.

English: Founding members of the . Standing L-...
 And then just look at the American government itself. Full of entitled Black politicians who look after themselves, and who play the slave “race card” at the drop of a hat. Most of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members have faced ethics violations, so even in Washington DC they can’t keep their fingers out of the cash tills.

So WDPI – you can take your White “Privilege” wristbands and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. And you can take your fluffy notes and reflection time … and stick it in your ear. >Ozzie Saffa

Black Pastor Talking Sensibly About “White Guilt”


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