ANTI-White Campaign


[The] slick White Race Guilt campaign in Duluth, Minnesota kindly informs citizens that everything bad is secretly the fault of all us “evil” White people — just for being born White.

[See: White Students – Bow Your Heads!]

One of the brains, I found behind this propaganda campaign, is the Jewess Tema Okun (bottom right), who obviously has herself a nice career milking this White guilt crap. This kind of insidious Jew does whatever they can to make moolah from the race extortion racket, preying on corporations and government bureaucracies all across the country.

Virtually all crime in Duluth is due to immigrant-blacks from Somalia. I guess that’s just because they don’t get enough free government handouts and race favors for being black … and allowed into the U.S. (uh, why do we even let these criminal, piratical Somalis here in the first place?). Only half of them seem to work.

I’ve checked out the White guilt promoting-site and the materials.

Folks … this is all professional high-end marketing and advertising. They are well-financed, without a doubt. It’s also certain they get plenty of free runtime and pro bono work, as well.  >Source

Just what “White Privileges” are they talking about?

VIOLENCE Against Whites

Photo: Grandma’s “White privilege” time during the economic depression of the 1930s
The children are 80+ years, TODAY!

    • dust-bowl mother in door
    • dustbowlmotherindoor


ANTI-White Brainwashing

All Whites Are Racist” – University

“White Pride” DENIED Trademark


Guilt-Tripping White People

Say NO! To Liberal White Guilt

Canadian City Ahbors “White Privilege”


White “Privilege

“Racist, Racist!”




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