London Police “Institutionally Racist”

By Venutios Brigantes

In one of the more outrageous recent cases of the “pot calling the kettle black”, the blacks-only Metropolitan Black Police Association (BPA) has again … accused the Metropolitan Police of London, England, of being “institutionally racist.”

English: Metropolitan Police officers on patro...
Metropolitan Police officers in London’s Trafalgar Square

This cry of “institutional racism” is nothing else but NON-whites decrying the fact that they tend to be stopped, searched and arrested more often than Whites. The reason for this is, of course, because as a statistical average, NON-whites commit more crime than Whites.

However, rather than admit this obvious fact, NON-white organisations such as the “Metropolitan Black Police Association” and White liberals, will prefer instead … to blame White people. This tactic is used the world over to excuse high NON-white crime rates (in White countries), or even failure to perform properly at any level in western society.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth?  ANSWER.]

The irony of a blacks-only organisation calling another body “institutionally racist” is also lost on these people, who genuinely think that only they have the right to organise along racial grounds. If any London police officials had to set up a “Metropolitan White Police Association” they would be drummed out of the force as “racist.”

According to the black police organisation, “Institutional racism is not about labelling individuals racists, but rather police practice and procedures that bring about disproportionate outcomes for black and minority ethnic communities and police personnel.”

In other words, black members of the force don’t do as well in the tests and courses set out to achieve promotion within the police—and therefore Whites are to blame.

In addition, the BPA has blamed the (White) police for not recruiting enough NON-whites, implying that it is once again White peoples’ fault that blacks, Pakistanis, Chinese and the huge mixture of races in London, shy away from joining law enforcement.

According to the BPA, the “2011 census indicated that over 40% of Londoners were from BME backgrounds, whilst only 10% of MPS police officers were from BME communities.” (Note: Typically, they have their figures wrong. The latest UK census showed that 54% of Londoners were from Black and Minority Ethnic’ –BME—communities).

These officers disproportionately hug the lower ranks, face significantly slower rates of career progression and are over-represented in disciplinary actions, in comparison to their White counterparts,” the BPA continued.

Note once again, the “blame whitey” phenomenon. Because NON-white police officers commit more internal offenses, and are thus “over-represented in disciplinary action,” it is White peoples’ fault—not that of the offending officers.

This situation, the BPA claims is “unsustainable, as it severely impacts on police legitimacy and more importantly erodes trust and confidence in BME communities.”

The logic is breath-taking, and possibly only the arrogance exceeds its stupidity. The BPA is saying that because NON-white police officers commit more internal offenses than White officers, and do poorly on internal promotional exams, the rest of the NON-white community blames White people for “racism” and therefore does not trust them.

[Now this]

The madness goes on: Superintendent Leroy Logan, chair of the Met BPA (Metropolitan Black Police Association) charitable trust, said … before the (Police) force could consider itself free of “institutional racism“, it must tackle the continuing disproportions in the treatment of minority Londoners.

The real litmus test is still the vexed issue of stop and search and its disproportionality in black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, because so many people perceive that the police are involved in racial profiling?

An image of a Metropolitan Police Service helmet
Metropolitan Police Service helmet

A recent review of “stop-and-search policing” in London found that black “youths” are up to six times more likely to be stopped than Whites, and that in “authorised localised stops” under section 60 of the 1994 Public Order Act,  NON-whites are 28 times more likely to be stopped.

Once again, this is because the evidence is clear that those communities commit more crime … not because of “White racism.” >Source: Western Spring U.K.

(Added for emphasis are all Bold and underlined words, with added links by ELN Editor)

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    1. Strange, eh? I’ve searched far and wide for such an entity, and found no “Police Associations” throughout the Western world with the “privileged White” tag as an add-on.

      That leads me to believe that Whites are not so “privileged” … as we’ve been led to believe.

  1. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    This cry of “institutional racism” is nothing else but NON-whites decrying the fact that they tend to be stopped, searched and arrested more often than Whites. The reason for this is, of course, because as a statistical average, NON-whites commit more crime than Whites.”

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