Swedish Liberalism On Fire

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From Cavatus

(Cavatus’ Blog) is not often updated nowadays. It won’t be henceforth.

My work — in order to try to save this country — is restricted to flyer campaigns and (talking) with people. But, I cannot withhold this video clip from you.

Sweden has disgraced itself internationally because of the riots last week. But don’t believe that it all has ceased by now. Every night there are cars on fire and other subversive mischief in the immigration suburbs. In the wake of the first riots, in all 70 suburbs and places have been struck so far by the consequences of Sweden’s downright failed immigration policy.

A politician — a member of one of the ruling parties (Olle Engström in Borås) — had a letter-to-the-editor published yesterday in the newspaper Borås Tidning, in which he rejected the uncontrolled immigration policy, and dreaded that Sweden would shortly fall into a religious civil war if nothing is done … like Lebanon and such countries.

Today, (Engström) was excluded from his party, Moderaterna (“the Moderates”). Today, a fellow party member had a letter-to-the-editor published in the same newspaper, where he maintained that “it is not the immigration that gives frightening consquences for the society; it is the blind criticism without nuances of it”.

I mention this just to show you how completely impossible it is to talk about the quantity of immigrants that Sweden can embrace, and the results of the quantities received so far. So despite nationwide riots, we are still not allowed or able to talk about it, unless we want to be labelled “racists”, foremost by the media and the journalists. This is, in fact, an indication of Sweden’s severe predicament.  >Source

Cambria Will Not Yield says “The liberals tell us straight out that White people have no rights as a people, except the right to be exterminated. The second materialist flaw in the “I’ll respect your culture and you respect mine” is that the colored tribesmen do not believe in respecting other cultures. Their idea of culture is, “We shall destroy your culture.” This is true of every colored tribe: red, yellow, black, and brown. An awareness of the spiritual battle will allow the European to see that he cannot compromise with the colored barbarians, or the liberals.” … more

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