“Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer”


This is a GENOCIDE! The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group….yet no one seems to mind it… and it has been ongoing for 20 years!

[See: South Africa – Genocidal Slaughterhouse]

When the Genocide Convention was passed by the United Nations in 1948, the world said, “Never again.” But the history of the 20th century instead proved that “never again” became “again and again.” The promise (that) the United Nations made was broken. As again and again, genocides are killing more people than all the international wars of the 20th century combined!

We (WHITE South Africans) are such a people!  [Also read: The Reality of Black Africa]

The 2011 Census determined that 4.3 million White People still reside in South Africa.

We are a minority group that is getting absolutely NO help from the Government, nor the International Community. Almost 800,000 of our (White) people are currently living in squatter camps. That is 18% of our (White) population.

Our people are being attacked, tortured, raped, maimed, murdered and impoverished on a daily basis. We have laws in the country preventing Whites from finding jobs. We have laws that determine that businesses can’t donate money to charities that ASSIST White people.

Convicted terrorist, now “saint” Nelson Mandela sings kill the Whites.


WARNING: Graphic homicide photos of White South Africans

Our farms are being taken in a Government-sanctioned land grab, our statues are being removed, our monuments neglected, our language sidelined and the names of our cities and streets are changed. All of this in an effort to eradicate our culture, our history and our heritage. But on top of all of this, our people are being MURDERED! …and our government calls it “Normal Crime” and our President merrily sings “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!” “…bring me my machine gun! Let’s shoot them with a cannon”!

Read the FACTS … and then convince yourself that this is “normal.”…  >Source


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