Who’s White & Who’s Not

Frances Woolley

If Canada Used American Racial Categories

The US Census Bureau counts people by race:  White, Black, Asian, and so on.

Statistics Canada counts people by “visible-minority status” – we don’t like to mention words like “race”, or White up here.

The other day I found myself wondering, (what) if Canada used American racial categories … how would the demographics of the two countries compare?

[This] table shows how Canadian visible-minority (NON-white) categorizations match to U.S. racial groups. The mapping from one to the other is not precise. In the U.S., information on race is gathered from the question shown on the right.  [ELN Editor’s note: To view the tables, please click the links.]

All these mugshot photos are described as “white” perpetrators.

white criminals who aren't white

There is no category for Arab or West Asian, and it’s not clear how people of these origins answered the Census question.

In 2010, a group of Arab and Persian-Americans launched a “check it right” campaign, urging people to “check the ‘other’ box” on the census form and write in their true ancestry.”

Unfortunately, this was a somewhat futile gesture, as according to the U.S. census documentation write-in entries such as “Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan, or Caucasianare coded as White. As far as I can make out, unless an Iranian or Afghani identifies themselves as “Asian” (which some might have done), they are included in the White count.

Latin Americans provide another challenge. Many have some mix of European, Aboriginal and African ancestry. The best that I could do was to assume that Canada’s Latin American population has the same [admixture] of Whites, Aboriginal people and Blacks … as the U.S. Hispanic population, and allocate Latin Americans across the appropriate categories.

The final result of these calculations is shown in this table.

The “White” figure for Canada is most comparable to the US “single race” figure, whereas the figures for American Indians, Asians and Blacks, are best compared to the US “including multiple races” figure — as they include people with European ancestry.

It’s important to bear in mind that (Canada’s) National Household Survey was a voluntary survey, and its coverage of various demographic groups appears to be somewhat uneven, the numbers should be interpreted with care.  [Updated]

There are no big surprises here. Canada is a Whiter country than the US. We have a much larger Asian population, and a much smaller Black population. Interestingly, Aboriginal Canadians are a substantially larger share of Canada’s population than American Indians are of the US population.  >Source 

WAIS-IV FSIQ Scores by Race and Ethnicity
WAIS-IV FSIQ (Intelligence Quotient) IQ Scores by Race and Ethnicity


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  1. This is one of the most horrible and insensitive sites I have ever come across. As an Asian-Australian myself, but most of all, as a kind and compassionate human being, I am disgusted. Can you not see that there is more to people than the colour of their skin or phenotype? We are all part of humanity; we are all human; all part of the animal kingdom on Earth. In truth, nothing belongs to anyone; we are all each other, a part of the Universe. People are more than what they look like. Much, much more. I know my words probably can’t make you see that, as your prejudice is so terribly entrenched, but I cannot help but feel disgusted by this blatant racism. You do realize, when you write these posts regarding the invasion of immigrants, that Europeans once practiced imperialism for many years, invading what was deemed “primitive” societies, slaughtering and killing millions of people? Just take the Aboriginal Australians, for example. They were here first. Shouldn’t they consider the arrival of the British as an invasion? You don’t see. Not at all. We are all human, and all feel pain and fear and insecurity, we all have to deal with death and grief; we are all the same, and should be treated that way. I only hope that the compassion and kindness in the world can outweigh the cruelty and ignorance of websites such as this. Try being a little more kind and compassionate towards other humans and creatures. Who knows – maybe it’ll feel better than this fear and hatred and xenophobia. Just a thought. Thank you for reading.

      1. No; the fact that you don’t even try to refute a single one of them shows that there is no basis to your so-called rationality. It is I who wasted my time feeling a discomfited by your site. However, I do not hate you or feel anything negative towards you, as you are a part of this universe just as I am and are evidently quite set in your own beliefs. All I can wish for is that you find happiness in this life, just without hurting others and making anyone, on the basis of their race or gender or anything, feel lesser than you. It’s about love, not hate. Thank you. 🙂

        1. Ye gads, if your feelings are hurt, so why return for more abuse?? Obviously, our blog material is not for you, so it’s time for you to move on. Bye!

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