New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion

By Shawn McAvinue

A Christchurch-based right-wing political party has delivered anti-Chinese government flyers in the South (Island) as it prepares to form Otago branches.

The location of Dunedin in New Zealand.

And a Malaysian mother fears the flyer – [titled] CHINA – A Threat to New Zealand? – will “stir negative sentiments” towards Asian immigrants living in Dunedin.

Former National Front director Kyle Chapman said he sent about 1000 anti-Chinese Government flyers to Dunedin for supporters to put in letterboxes. The supporters “reported back” that all the flyers had been delivered in Dunedin, he said.

China: 1,360,000,000 (BILLION) People Vs. (tiny) New Zealand: 4,470,000 People. Guess WHO wins!?

“New Zealand’s population has passed the 4.5 million mark, according to Statistics New Zealand.  […] During the (7) years between censuses — the Chinese population increased 16% to 171,000 —  the number of Indians increased 48% to 155,000 — and Filipinos more than doubled (100%) to 40,000.
 Here they come, like it or not!

New Zealand (especially Auckland) are now classified as “super diverse“, said Massey University humanities and social sciences research director Professor Paul Spoonley.

“That has two aspects. One is the size of the non-majority populations (NON-whites) – the fact that 23% of Auckland is Asian (2013) they’re a very significant non-majority population. The other aspect is the number of immigrant and ethnic communities.”

The newly-formed political party, the Resistance Party, was recruiting members and forming branches across New Zealand, he said. Mr Chapman, who contested the Christchurch mayoralty unsuccessfully in 2005, said he planned to “establish a leadership” in Dunedin soon.

Official logo of Dunedin
Official logo of Dunedin

We have membership and committees being formed in about 22 towns and cities right now, including Dunedin, North Otago, Central Otago and Southland.”

He planned to visit all the South Island branches, including Dunedin, by the end of the year, he said. If an Asian family living in Dunedin was offended by the flyer, then they had emigrated to the wrong country, he said.

If they can’t accept that we are in a free country, in a free society, with free speech, then they really came to the wrong country. If they want to go to a country that is full of fear, where people aren’t allowed to speak out, they really need to go back to whatever country they came from.”

A Dunedin (immigrant) mother of five (5 children), who did not wish to be named for fear of retribution, said she emigrated from Malaysia to Dunedin (N.Z.) in 2002, and the family had never experienced “racial abuse” until she found the flyer in her letterbox earlier this month. “I’ve never encountered ‘racism’ in this lovely, peaceful city. The weather is cold but the people are warm.

[Editor’s Note: The word “racism” has lost all meaning of its original definition. In addition, this ‘WORD WEAPON’ is fast losing its potency as a slur against White people who care about the continuance of their own existence as a separate race.]

The flyer had unfairly targeted Chinese citizens because they — like many other Asian immigrants — had invested their “hard earned life savings” in New Zealand. She and her husband had bought a home in Dunedin and raised five honest hard-working children, she said.

She read the blog mentioned on the flyer ( and was “appalled” and feared the flyer would “stir negative sentiments” towards Asians living in Dunedin.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said the Human Rights Commission would work with police to provide assurance to those upset and offended by the flyer and blog.

Who wouldn’t feel threatened by this kind of material? It presents a hateful view of law-abiding people. It is unfair and based on ignorance, intolerance and prejudice,” Dame Susan said.

[Editor’s Note: There is nothing “hateful” in defending tribal interests within your own nation that’s being flooded with incongruent foreigners. This Kiwi “Dame” should feel more “threatened” by the stirring Chinese tribal interests in establishing their own exclusive political party … on New Zealand soil! Selling out your own people with virtue-signaling will not win her accolades.]

Euro-Whites are much LESS than stated above … probably between 600 – 700 million out of 7.5 BILLION people … just 8% of the world population!

English: Chinese gates at Dunedin, New Zealand
Chinese gates at the gates of DUNEDIN, New Zealand

 Read: Chinese IMMIGRANTS Start Political Party in NZ   Here is an excerpt:

A group of CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, upset that no Chinese candidate has been put forward by the main parties, will today launch a well-financed New Citizen Party campaign.

Party co-founder Stephen CHING, a former Labour candidate, said the party had powerful backers (Communist Chinese Government??  – Editor) including the man who was behind the failed Crafar farm bid, Jack CHEN“. >Source

[Editor’s Note:  Dear readers, do YOU see what is happening here?!
A distinct racial block of emboldened FOREIGNERS have designs to establish their own exclusive political party on New Zealand’s sovereign territory!
YET, New Zealanders continue to welcome the “invaders” into THEIR home!

Imperialistic Tribal Politics is what impels arrogant Chinese COLONIZERS to “take over the reins” of New Zealand. They’re preparing to own and operate New Zealand on their termsand in only the past 30 years when mass ASIAN immigration began!

Alas, European Kiwis are still asleep and not awoken to the reality of COLONIZATION through immigration.

Soon to be UNDER New ownership!

Make no mistake in thinking otherwise. Your European and Maori childrens’ future  is in jeopardy. The “Trojan horse” is now firmly inside your sovereign gates, and gaining strength for every year that you tolerate the mass influx of 3rd-world, NON-white immigrants.

In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China is Taking Over New Zealand Read the book!


New Zealanders” ??

[Auckland’s population base is now 52% White European against a rising  29% Asian, 11% Pacific, 8% Mäori and 2% Other (2013)]

New Zealand is not alone when Chinese IMMIGRANTS seek out their own political power base. Read: New CHINESE Political Party in CANADA, too! & Emboldened Minorities “EYE” Canada]

Senior Sergeant Kelvin Lloyd, of Dunedin, said anybody distributing material that could “incite a racial issue” should be careful.English: 2003–2004 Mitsubishi Diamante (TL) VR...

It is something we would take a very dim view of.”

[Take a moment — Mr. police sergeant — to reflect back in history when Maoris were mass colonized by Europeans … thus ending in their DISPLACEMENT, too.

Aiding and abetting the invading COLONIZERS won’t find favour with your future progeny whose White heritage will become increasingly stamped out by Chinas unending human exports. > ELN Editor

New Zealand

Any country which does not protect its majority population through LIMITATIONS on immigration, invites the contempt of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part, or the whole of its territory.”

Also read:

The usual ANTIwhite theme in a New Zealand T.V. commercial (seen below) that readily “could incite a racial issue” … if only White New Zealanders woke up and read the blatant signs in this propaganda video clip.

Clues in above video:

CHINESE family (emphasis onfamily“) and displayed front and centre for the first 33 seconds (remember, this is NEW ZEALAND … not China’s colony, yet!).

SINGLE White female passenger (emphasis onnon-family“) sitting across from a robust NON-white foreigner making eye-contact. She responds with “an interest” by unconsciously running a hand through her hair … until another White female takes a seat near her NON-white ‘husband’ (She is wearing a wedding ring). Then a subtle and disappointed “oh well” look … is cast in the first White woman’s eye roll.

In stark contrast, a handicapped WHITE man bound to a wheel-chair politely allows the woman passenger through the sliding doors. She responds by quickly striding away without hardly a passing glance at the courteous stranger of her own race.

The final scene shows the race-mixing (miscegenation) couple departing from the train, plus the Chinese family (once again) … displayed in the background scene.

Edward Bernays would be proud of the producers of this ANTI-White propaganda clip. CLICK:

…another analysis of this TV commercial:

In 2011, a group called Right Wing Resistance, headed by Mr Chapman, was investigated after pamphlets urging people to “Stop the Asian Invasion” were distributed in Auckland and Christchurch.  >Otago Daily Times


UPDATED New Zealand Population figures > HERE.

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    1. White Europeans were colonizers or settlers, … not “immigrants” as are described today. European settlers landed on a raw land mass occupied by warring tribes of Maoris, who themselves arrived from somewhere else.

      After conquering the inhabiting Maoris, European settlers eventually invented, built and established a successful, 1st-world nation they called New Zealand today.

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