The Late, Great U.S.A.

By Irish Savant

Ok … I admit it.

I’m becoming a bore on the subject, but not a day goes by in which the spiralling degeneration of the U.S.A. towards Turd-World status doesn’t blow my mind.

The economic side of it is just one example, of course, as is the programmed re-engineering of the country’s racial makeup.

But the Mugabe-like financial profligacy, the blatant and unapologetic ignoring of legal and Constitutional constraints, waging undeclared wars, grotesque forms of nepotism, plummeting educational standards — and most of all — the acquisition by the state, of powers which arguably rival those of Stalin’s USSR.

Then there’s the media which is just a mouthpiece for whatever regime is in power, while behind that regime, the Real Government operates with indifference to the people’s needs. Add in what appears to be the general lack of criminal accountability and you have … Mexico or Brazil.

[Now, more FORCED racial integration costing BILLION$HERE.]

I could go on and on. What really staggers me is the speed with which it’s happening. We’re talking about a country being fundamentally transformed in the space of a couple of generations. I personally have never seen anything remotely like it … even historically.

The 1950s when White America was great.

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What was (allowing for all its faults) the world’s greatest country, is breaking down before our eyes.   It’s scary.  >>read MORE

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