Creating White Enclaves

Max Musson

It should be evident to all thinking nationalists by now, that the traditional electoral route to salvation for our people has now been made utterly redundant by the dire conditions that have been created in this country.

That route has been made redundant because our enemies have made such advances over the last 100 years or more — that in every sphere and at every level of our society, there is now entrenched opposition, not just to the policies of British nationalism, but to the very values underpinning our belief system.

In short, our entire culture has been poisoned against us to such an extent that many of our own people view the looming extinction of our kind with complete indifference … if not actual joyous anticipation.

European children

Anyone who still clings to the belief that a nationalist party campaigning within the existing political system can win power within the available window of opportunity — before demographic changes have rendered us a minority in our own land — is clearly in denial and/or deluded.

The forty-plus failed nationalist political parties that have come and gone over the last one-hundred and twenty year period, and the descent in recent years of the BNP into chaos and corruption should be proof enough for anyone that we must now try something different.

Thankfully, as I have alluded to on several occasions already, we at Western Spring have identified strategies that can still save our people and create the conditions whereby the future survival of our people can be assured, and today I share with you the first of these strategies.

At present our people, and even those who have already embraced nationalism and who are attempting to resist the alien invasion of our homeland, are in total disarray and are scattered to the four winds.

We are like the troops of a defeated army that has been routed in battle and if we remain in this state we will be easy pickings for our enemies and we will be impotent in our attempts to resist further setbacks.

This article is the bugle call that you have been waiting for, and it is a call for us to rally together and to end once and for all the dispersal and the scattered condition that has made us so weak in the past.

We can only begin to recover from the defeats we have suffered to date if we gather together in sufficient concentrations such that we can begin to dominate the cultural life of our people within specific localised areas.

Arthur Kemp has outlined in his recently published new book, ‘Nova Europa’ just how essential it is that we European peoples strive to create exclusive White homelands, and this strategy beginning with the first cluster of many White enclaves that we intend to create across Britain, will form the basis for just such a homeland here in Britain.

Some people view this strategy as the acceptance of defeat and our acceptance of the status of a defeated people living in ‘reservations’ like the Red Indians of North America, but nothing could be further from the truth.  … read More

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