Daily Stormer Report

By Andrew Anglin

It is three months since I launched this site on July 4, 2013, and I believe it is appropriate to give a status report.

The response has been fantastic. According to Alexa, the premiere site for ranking website traffic, we are now sitting at 156,554, which might sound pretty far down, but makes us among the most popular nationalist websites in the world (as comparison, at time of writing, DavidDuke.com is at 156,272).

This is a new model following the “trutheralternative media platform, while injecting a fanatically nationalist narrative, and offering the solution of authoritarian socialism to the problems presented.

Alex Jones

I believe this site should begin to set the standard, as the old-line Alex Jones-type “NWO” movement attacking the government and preaching impotent libertarianism as a vague solution to this vague enemy … is in the process of imploding, as people wake up to the otherwise obvious fact that all of the centers of power in the western world are dominated by Jews […]

The site is still in what I have called a “beta mode,” as we are figuring out how best to do things.

This is all a lot more complicated than you might think; still, in the last three months, we’ve posted 1,711 articles, which is about 19 a day.

My main goal, in working to perfect the site, is to get as many good people involved as is possible. There is surely a place for anyone who is interested to use their skills to do something helpful.

We are Looking for More Featured Writers

If you are a writer, perhaps even run your own blog dealing with these topics, send me a sample or a link. There is not really another place where your material would get more exposure than right here. It also makes much more sense to have a central location for this type of material, rather than expecting each person interested to follow dozens of blogs.

As I am aware everyone likes to have their own space – I do as well, which is why I have kept my Total Fascism site – you can continue to post on your own blog, while cross-posting your articles here.

We will also give you a link in the sidebar, where it says “Our Writers,” where people can click your name and see all of your material. As I understand the struggle of trying to do all this work and not getting paid, but am unable to myself pay commissions for work, I also plan to set up a donations page which give people the option of donating not only to the site, but also to individual writers whose work they appreciate.

My long-term goal is to do away with most, if not all, of the mainstream news (MSM) reposts on the site, and replace them with original material. This is, of course, a monumental task, and it will take a while to work up to that point.

Given that we try to give a round-about presentation of things here on the site, covering all things a White man might need to know, including science, history, spirituality and art, we are not looking for writers merely to cover strictly racial or social issues. Anyone who writes well about anything should send a submission.

English: WordPress Logo

Also, anyone who is good with WordPress, who would be interested in doing posting work, would be highly appreciated as well. Right now, we are still doing the reposting thing, and will be for a while, but when we get to the point of a majority original content, we will still need someone to help post the work of our contributors.

If you read a lot, but are not comfortable writing, you could also play a role finding material to be featured on the site.  […}  http://www.dailystormer.com/daily-stormer-report-three-months-in/

White people often attempt to purge themselves
of media-induced neurosis by exorcising their White “privilege”or White guilt through protesting non-existent social injustices.”

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h/t to http://www.nationalprotectionism.com/renegade-tribune-is-looking-for-authors/


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