I Am NOT Sorry!


Sorry… But I Just DON’T Feel Sorry!

There must be something wrong with me. I actually feel good about myself. I like who I am, and I am proud of MY heritage.

[More reasons to be proud:

Apparently … I should be hiding my face in shame. I should be wracked with self recrimination and disgrace. Not that I’ve done anything wrong personally, but simply because I have rather pale (White) skin.

Not only that … but I am a British descendant, a heterosexual and a male. You know, the type of person who has no right to feel good about himself for any reason, whatsoever!


Have you ever heard of White pride?  Me neither.  That’s because White people have no right to be proud.

I bet you’ve heard of White guilt though. That’s because White folk have no right to not feel guilty.

How aboutstraight pride – have you ever heard of that? I bet you haven’t. After all, being straight is no reason to be proud.Gay pride however, is another story altogether. It’s fabulous.

…  there’s more, read>>>T.V. Commercials Insult White People

Just look at me. My White male ancestors have done all sorts of unsavory things. We’ve enslaved, oppressed and even murdered all kinds of people throughout history. I know this because, well, because there is a lot of people out there … who will never let me forget it.

I am White, and by virtue of that, I am required to feel guilty. And if I don’t feel guilty about some crime committed by someone else who lived far in the past, I am told that I am a “racist” and should at least have the decency to feel guilty about that. It’s all too much guilt for this White boy to bear.

Years ago, Chinese immigrants were forced to pay the government an exorbitant head tax in order to come to Canada. White, male railroad barons used Chinese immigrants like slaves to build a railway. Many were maimed – many more died. Now … over 100 years later, I apparently owe all Chinese Canadians an apology. And not just an apology, but also financial reparation$. I don’t even know them, and my forefathers weren’t railroad barons … they were dirt-poor peasants. So why do I owe anyone anything? And anyway, since when is a son responsible for the crimes of his neighbour’s father? What is the logic that drives such an irrational, divisive demand?

English: Front page of a newspaper stating Hit...Canada, apparently interned some Japanese people, and others, during World War II. For this, the Japanese community demanded an apology and guess what – yup, reparation$.

Leaving aside the fact that, in that time, internment was a perfectly reasonable wartime reaction to Japan’s despicable decision to side with Hitler and Mussolini, we are faced again with the ridiculous notion that the descendants of the people who did something should somehow accept responsibility for it.

The Natives too, are restless in their endless demands for apologies and White man’s “moola“. They claim that the White man “stole their land” and attempted to eliminate their culture. As if this was something that only White people did. In reality, everybody did it back then.

Internal development of Canada's internal bord...
Development of Canada’s internal borders from 1867 to 2003.

Sure, Europeans came to North America, conquered the natives and took ownership of the land.

(Editors Note: Before our 1867 confederation, Canada as a nationstate did not exist. Our nation was invented and developed by White British/French Europeans followed by other European pioneers whose ancestors developed Canada into a modern industrial country we have today.)

But … before that, the natives were doing the same thing to each other. Brutality, rape, murder and genocide were nothing new to them. They were enthusiastic participants in these activities already – amongst themselves. We came and stopped all the inter-tribal warfare and gave them the chance to live peacefully in one united, democratic nation.

And the White part of me isn’t the worst. There is also that “vile” male side of me. You know, the side that throughout the ages, waged endless brutal wars and raped, plundered and pillaged their asses off? All the atrocities that have ever occurred were orchestrated by men. The holocaust, the crusades, an incalculable number of atrocities, massacres and wars – the scourge of (pick one): communism, capitalism, fascism, nazism, socialism, islam, Christianity, nuclear weapons, gas guzzling SUVs – all totally the doings of males.

Of course … (White) males have also invented, designed and produced pretty well everything of practical value to humans in the entire freaking world, including all tools, machines, structures, electronics and transportation devices; as well as being responsible for virtually all advancements in engineering, agriculture, medicine, technology, democracy and justice.    [Read: It’s A Wonderful Race]

[Yes … ALL that and more, despite Euro-Whites being the 8% MINORITY RACE on this planet of 7,500,000,000 people.  ( ELN Editor) 

English: White Pride T-shirt sold by Euro Prid...But, alas … I am told that I’ve no right to be proud, and by all measures of decency and justice … I should be groveling on “all fours” begging forgiveness of anyone that my race and gender have slighted throughout history.

From a New Zealander: “I Am A WHITE Man”

Well, OK … I’m tired … I have had enough … Truce. In the interest of reconciliation and good will, I offer this:

On behalf of everyone who shares my skin color and my gender, allow me to say – to the descendants of anyone our forefathers may have wronged, or who believe we owe them something because of it – I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you’ve got a chip on your shoulder.
I’m sorry you continually live in the past. I’m sorry you can’t get it through your head that I owe you NOTHING. And I’m sorry my children have to share the nation their forefathers built … with ANYONE who harbours a grudge against them for what their forefathers did.  >Source


Finally … WHY is this guy .. CANADA’s current Prime Minister?? finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif


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  1. haahahaha……
    It is not a matter of what you or ancestors did or didn’t do.
    Read carefully : It all comes down to the Dumb ass White people of today,
    it is strictly their fault, their problem alone, not their ancestors, not their forefathers, hell not even the fault of some railroad baron or anything remotely associated.
    Dumb Ass White People are giving up their lands,being genocided not by war but by a slick mostly jewish hustle. And hell if they are going to fall for it, well then, they deserve it. Think about it, when they mongols got to North America, they took the lands and genocided the people who were here, we are now finding the bones. When the White man came back, the mongol savages were willing to sell their women, children, land for fire water and the boom stick. They wanted to have the technological advantage over the other mongol tribes they were warring with for centuries, trying to wipe each other out. A lot did succeed in not only defeating other mongol tribes but genocided them, thus avoiding pay back, those bones we are now discovering also.
    Do you hear them whining and gnashing teeth in guilt, do you in your right mind think they lose one iota of sleep over it ?
    We can go down the list of all these former torturers of our White race and others to find the tales of ultimate survival and suppression.
    They can’t whoop you so they are using and very successfull, psyche warfare on your dumb asses.
    BUT……..what you will never find, is any of them being so stupid as to genocide themselves out over guilt. BWAHAHAHAHA ………face it, White people may or may not be many things but they are unequivocally STOOPID!

  2. You forget that white males are also guilty of eating that apple and getting the whole human race kicked out of the Garden of Eden and they call it Adam’s Fall so even women don’t get the rap for getting the apple.

  3. Don’t forget, you’re also supposed to feel guilty that the earth is warm. Never mind that at some time in the past it was: 1. a ball of fire, 2. a giant ice cube, 3. a vast desert, 4. 100% covered with water, 5. a single continent..etc…etc..it’s still your fault.

    1. I’m peppering this PHOTO link throughout the Blog to help younger readers understand what 1950’s America was like BEFORE “White guilt”, “White Privilege”, “political correctness” and other cleverly induced and self-destructive behavior patterns were planted in the minds of White people.

      Prosperous California was

        THE state

      to gravitate to in the 50’s and 60’s. Today, it’s the reverse flow of White Americans who are telling the story.


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