WHITE Homogeneous Nations Pull Together

From Council of Conservative Citizens

LATVIA Celebrates Independence Day With Massive Torch-Lit Parade and Rally

We constantly hear the left-wing (Lib/leftists) chant that “diversity is our strength.” This is a standing insult against all White people. They claim that White homogeneous nations are “weak and undesirable” (without the “joys of NON-white diversity”).

Look at the recent November 18th celebration of Latvian Independence Day at the Freedom memorial in Riga. This is exactly the kind of population group that is being explicitly denigrated by liberal mantras on “diversity and multiculturalism.
LOOK … No Racial Diversity!!

In neighboring Estonia, look how “miserable” these people are living without “multiculturalism” in a nation sharing their own heritage, race, language and culture.

Also read/view: One Proud European Nation

[ELN Editor’s Note: LATVIA’s population of just 2 million people, and Estonia’s population having LESS than 1.3 million are tiny examples of White homogeneity when compared to the huge NON-white, homogeneous populations such as Nigeria (169 Million), or India (1300 million) people, or China 1361 million people. Their nations are in no danger of losing their national identity due to the mass migration of incompatible races.

In addition, read: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/11/doctor-shekel-and-mr-blair-jewish-wealth-promotes-gibbering-immigration-insanity-in-the-uk-and-the-us/

 It is White countries — and ONLY White countries — that are afflicted with this disease called “multiculturalism“, and it’s White Europeans representing a mere 8% of the world’s population who are doomed to extinction as a sub-species … UNLESS, we become determined “population environmentalists  willing to throw off the mental shackles of political correctness, “white guilt”, “racism”… and then vociferate in favour of our own race as demonstrated in the video below.

Straight Talk — Some strong language.

Enforced multi-culturalism/multi-racialism is an artificial stratagem designed to attack White nations at the very core of their racial heritage, and thus DESTROY the host nation … nothing more!]

A humorous parody on a serious topic.


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