Will WHITES Survive?

World Population – 7,500,000,000
NON-whites 92% vs 8% WHITES


Today’s White Nations are “BROWNING OUT”…  as did former White nations from thousands of years ago.



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  1. Please wake up before it is too late. We realized way too late in South Africa and I cannot describe the fear and desperation a person feel daily. You want to plan your life but in the same breath you wonder what for. One very good thing is that a lot of us know our only way is through God and have returned to our roots and covenants our forefathers upheld. But the majority are still lulled because there is nothing about it in the media. The most horrific murders aren’t being reported and thus the genocide continues. Take back your religion and schools and lay your groundwork. Even the children gets brainwashed here because history books have been rewritten and the Afrikaner are blamed for terrible crimes even though we only gained independence in 1961 and apartheid was abolished in 1992. Most of the apartheid laws already fell away in 1986 except for voting rights. All most of us would like is a homeland where we can have a peaceful existence without violence. We have never been a violent nation not even against the British who banned our own language in any public place after the Anglo Boer War.

    1. Another South African woman wrote of similar warnings over 13 years ago:


      I’ve posted several South African items on this blog, but http://www.censorbugbear.org/ is the place for regular updated material, and http://ozziesaffa.blogspot.co.nz/ an ex-South African, maintains a “hard-hitting” blog who doesn’t “pull her punches” when writing about her former homeland of S.A. Both highly recommended!

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