Aging IMMIGRANTS Tax Canada

By Martin Collacott, Vancouver Sun

The federal government has taken major steps to reduce a massive backlog of applications from IMMIGRANTS wanting to sponsor their (FOREIGN) parents and grandparents to come to Canada.

[See:   Oldsters Make Me Sick ]

At the same time, it introduced new rules requiring sponsors to take greater financial responsibility for parents or grandparents who immigrate to Canada. While these changes represent a significant improvement over what had been in place, they still come at a massive cost to the public purse.

 [How much you ask? Read this:]

By 2011, a backlog of more than 160,000 sponsored parents and grandparents was waiting to enter Canada.

At existing admission rates, most would have waited years before being allowed to come here.
The program is so popular, in fact, — it was estimated the queue could reach half-a-million (500,000 FOREIGN elders!) by 2020 with a wait time of 15 years before entering Canada. Sponsors were, not surprisingly, frustrated with the delays.
(ALL EURO-White nations are under siege from NON-white immigrants)

In stating this, however, it should also be noted that the government and the public in general are increasingly concerned about the cost of the program to taxpayers. Since the incomes and taxes paid by sponsored senior immigrants are very small, it has been estimated that, during the lifetime of these senior newcomers in Canada, taxpayers must support the health care and social transfer costs (OAS and GIS, etc.) of at least … $300,000 (each).

[ELN Editor’s Note: Sponsored Elderly Foreigners are very unlikely to contribute anything to our economy. But, just who are these elderly foreigners that benefit from our foolish altruism, and from what nations do these people hail from? Just one example is found in this video.

English: CBC television journalist Ian Hanoman...
CBC television journalist Ian Hanomansing

Also, note the the CBC preference in highlighting visible-minorities and women in their employment roster.  Despite Canada’s high unemployment rate, it’s just another job that WHITE Canadian guys “refuse to do”, thanks to Canada’s racist employment-equity (affirmative action) laws.

Second Logo (1958-1974)
Second Logo (1958-1974)

 White males were exclusively responsible in establishing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and who are about 40% of Canada’s population, yet White males are woefully unrepresented on the small screen of television news and programs. In fact, White males are relentlessly insulted, denigrated and diminished in status as seen in television commercials.

And White European males of any nationality have only invented, designed or produced just about everything of value that is within your reach, including a multitude of scientific and medical breakthroughs that enhance your everyday life.  However, in today’s ANTI-white world, White Canadians are often relegated to 2nd-place holding patterns while 3rd world-born visible-minorities are artificially promoted and highlighted well beyond their capabilities.

national Flag of Canada

CANADIANS, please read this:

[Read: Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse]

In consequence, just eliminating the backlog will come at a high price. With the admission of 25,000 immigrant parents and grandparents last year, (plus) an equal number this year, plus another 20,000 (old foreigners) next year, the bill amounts to an estimated $21 Billion ($21,000,000,000) – more than half of which comes in estimated costs for health care. If all those in the backlog are allowed in, the total cost could be twice as high.

…meanwhile White Canadians Becoming 2nd-Class Citizens]

To prevent such a backlog from developing in the future, the government will place an annual cap on new applications – which for 2014 will be set at 5,000 and which is expected to involve 9,000 individuals when accompanying dependents are included. While new requirements will be in place that are designed to do a better job of ensuring that sponsors will live up to their commitments to support their parents and grandparents, most of the health care benefits and social transfers will still be available to them, and within a few years the cost to taxpayers could, again … be in the tens of Billions of dollar$.

In the circumstances — given the continuing generosity of the system — we (CANADIANS) may well have to expect pressure to increase the numbers admitted … so more sponsored (FOREIGN) PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS can benefit. By the same token, taxpayers may object to the high cost, and demand that sponsors pay for all the costs of their elderly relatives. In the meantime, the government will shell out a very large slice of taxpayers’ money to assuage sponsors with parents and grandparents in the backlog. Not that opposition parties would be less generous.

English: Olivia Chow, New Democratic member of...
Olivia Chow, former New Democratic (NDP) member of Parliament for Trinity—Spadina, TORONTO

Olivia Chow (Hong Kong-born Immigrant) of the NDP  [UPDATE: Chow was a candidate to become Toronto’s mayor in 2014 -she lost!] has made it very clear that she is strongly in favour of such sponsorships, while Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has declared that if he becomes prime minister, he will reverse the changes the Conservative (political party) have made, and make it easier for such (FOREIGN) seniors to come to Canada.

(Population of China: 1,360,000,000 BILLION
Population of India:   1,238,000,000 BILLION
Population of Canada:       35,000,000 MILLION)

Canadians remain positively disposed toward immigrants in general. A recent Forum Research poll indicates they support the admission of an immigrant’s spouse and dependent children by a margin of almost six to one.

This welcoming attitude, however, does not extend to bringing in (foreign) parents and grandparents, where Canadians are opposed by a margin of two and a half to one – very likely because of the huge cost to taxpayers, and particularly the pressure on the health care system.

Although the government has made a major effort to bring some semblance of order to the system, the debate over how many sponsored senior immigrants should be allowed to come to Canada, and at whose expense, is clearly not over.  >Immigration Reform

>Martin Collacott served as high commissioner to Sri Lanka, and ambassador to Syria, Lebanon and Cambodia. His recent study, Canadian Family Class Immigration: The Parent and Grandparent Program Under Review, was published by the Fraser Institute and is available at   — He lives in Vancouver.

(For added emphasis, all bolded, underlined, italicized words and photo/video insertions by ELN Editor)

English: German immigrants at Quebec City, Canada.
Remember when? German immigrants at Quebec City, Canada about 100 years ago. No free welfare money, No free medical care, No subsidized housing. Immigrants went immediately to work, or they went hungry.

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  1. I think that the only reason our politicians have made laws in favour of ‘refugees’ and hand them our hard-earned welfare dollars as soon as they land is not because of charity but greed. Let me explain. The money taken off the taxpayers is given to the refugees and their extended families – and this money goes straight back to the corporate backers of the politicos. In other words, the aforementioned 23 billion dollars a year that these immigrants are costing us are taken up as profits by the big corporations, such as Bell, Rogers, Wal-Mart, Loblaws etc. It is to these Corporate elite that our politicians owe their loyalty to and not to the hardworking and tax paying people of Canada.

    In addition to this, politicians are under the influence of moneyed corporate lobbyists, some of the major ones being the private healthcare and Insurance business. It is therefore very expedient to bring in more immigrants and to overburden the health and welfare system (including CPP and OAS) and run it into the ground. In short it is a way to make room for the private sector to set up shop . For instance – once enough backlog is created, with OHIP for example, the citizens would be willing to fork out money to see a doctor or be admitted to a state-of-the art hospital that is clean and not run down and suffering from underfunding and austerity measures. In this clever way, our politicos (who have long ago abandonned any semblence of care for the voting public, except of course the acting job and kissing of babies that is perfunctionary before each election), would have served their big corporate sponsors and will be rewarded accordingly, at our expense.

    Therefore while we are angry at these foreign moochers, in truth we should be positively livid at Ottawa (after all, the same ‘Family Compact’ group that were there in 1867 at the foundation of this country, are still running the show and making the laws and the policy, including Canada’s immigration policy) for selling the citizens of this country out.

    1. You’ve introduced a different slant to the problem at hand, but I see your point.

      On the topic of justifiable anger or “righteous” anger, I believe that human element is running in short supply in all directions whenever these immigration topics are broached. Walking on egg shells around this topic must stop.

      Incidentally, I’ve just discovered the following video of a young French woman speaking her mind of an event that happened in France. It may not be relevant to your commentary, but I was impressed with the angry passion in her voice. This is what is needed in this country.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Merry Christmas! Just received a ‘ping back’ on this article. So now all the gooks like Olivia Chow that have invaded Canada are petitioning to bring in all their grandparents to age on the dime generated by a system of benefits paid into by people of White European descent. Talk about mooching and freeloading! Asians, the erroneously described ‘model minority’,are trying to suck the White Western world dry.

    1. …and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too.

      Yes, the foreign “freeloading” class is much worse than we can imagine, beginning with bogus refugees to other 3rd-world “moochers” who can’t believe their luck when landing on Canadian soil for their first time. Many impoverished foreigners accustomed to living on $2 per day in their own nations, probably think they’ve arrived at “heaven’s gate”, when freebies are simply handed to them without having earned the right to them, nor with any out-of-pocket expenses to acquire them.

      Yeah, the “land of the trusting fools“, that’s us, along with other duped White Western nations.

    2. When I see people in postions such as MP and MPP that are not born in Canada frustrates me to no end!!! Olivia Chow is one of them. Is there no one in the Canadian government that can see this? Our first Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald had said it and if this had been followed Canada would not be in the state it is now! What ashame that Canada is becoming a third world country!!

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