IRISH People Being Dismantled

Irish Savant:  “As part of the project to destroy the White race, the NEGRO is being pushed in front of us at every opportunity — imported into our lands and most important — has been repackaged as the polar opposite of what he really is.

Making BLACKS appear smart, cool, sophisticated etc., … makes them seem to be attractive mates with which the White gene pool can be debased”.

  ONLY TWO decades to DESTROY one small, homogeneous White Nation!

NIGERIA189,000,000 people (99.9% BLACK)


IRELAND  —   4,710,000 people (80-85% WHITE?



ICELAND, too?! … Black Africans introducing their primitive cultures to Icelanders!


What befalls the White Race when allowing incompatible NON-whites into our nations?

IRELAND’s indigenous people endured centuries of struggles to reach this time in history ONLY to relinquish authority to incompatible Black foreigners without a fight!

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    1. Thanks for the sentiment, Hill Billy. I’m slowly transferring previous posts over to my other Blog and updating the daily “Featured Posts”.

      Since I began this Blog about 8 years ago, other Bloggers operating on a similar meme have entered the struggle to “open minds”, and thankfully the momentum continues to build.

      This Blog looks promising.

    1. Imagine the damage done to this one small country in only 15 years after having a solid indigenous background (sans internal sectarian violence) that reaches back, perhaps, 1500 years.

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