IRISH People Being Dismantled

Irish Savant:  “As part of the project to destroy the White race, the NEGRO is being pushed in front of us at every opportunity — imported into our lands and most important — has been repackaged as the polar opposite of what he really is. Making BLACKS appear smart, cool, sophisticated etc., … makes them seem to be attractive mates with which the White gene pool can be debased”.

  TWO decades to DESTROY one small, homogeneous White Nation

NIGERIA189,000,000 people (99.9% BLACK)


IRELAND   —      4,710,000 people (? percent WHITE)



ICELAND, too?! … Black Africans introducing their primitive cultures to Icelanders!


Now … listen to the uplifting musical brilliance of Loreena McKennitt.

What befalls the White Race when allowing incompatible NON-whites into our nations?

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9 thoughts on “IRISH People Being Dismantled

    1. Imagine the damage done to this one small country in only 15 years after having a solid indigenous background (sans internal sectarian violence) that reaches back, perhaps, 1500 years.

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