MultiCulti – A New Religion?



James Albion

Multiculturalism … a new religion? Why not?

We bow to the “God of Multiculti” … our Police Commissioners tip-toe with nervous apprehension when faced with the daily realities on how to accommodate this new religion, and are extremely nervous as to how to deal with strange peoples from strange lands bringing with them strange customs.

The Police, too … have been unwittingly seduced, and have been known to kneel in strict observance in reverence to this unholy religion. The ordinary Policeman or Women? Well … theirs is not to question why, or they will face a disciplinary board faster than their feet can touch the ground.

Our government also seduces its own people to give up their ethnic uniqueness and identity, and instead, are encouraged to wallow like swine in this festering mish-mash of a violent Multi-Culti society.

The island people are speechless and…

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