British Bobbies Walking A Tightrope


Mounted officer of the Metropolitan Police at ... Mounted officer of the Metropolitan Police at Buckingham Palace, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Frank Kimbal Johnson

We have cause to be grateful for the (contemporary) BBC television programme exposing the appallingly low calibre of some police recruits.

[See: British Police Self-Destructing]

The undercover reporter had obviously singled out the most uncouth and moronic specimens, focusing on the single issue of race. And [yet] the clear intention was to reinforce accusations of ‘institutional racism‘ against the police force as a whole.

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Among the first reactions to the programme were horrified gasps from the Home Office and squeals of rage from the race relations industry while chief constablesbowed their heads and re-dedicated their careers to multi-racialism.

Henceforth, we were told, rigorous precautions must be taken to ensure that anyone prone to ‘racist’ thoughts is rejected at the earliest possible stage in…

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