Immigrant Supports Canadian Values

An Immigrant Speaks: Stop Canada’s Immigration-Driven National Suicide

By K.S.

Hello … I am an immigrant and have been following “Immigration Watch” for the last two years. I can confidently say that you are doing an admirable & exemplary job.

I came here two decades ago from India.

However, I feel quite sorry about the current state of our country which to a large extent is the result of an uncontrolled immigration intake.

This is not the country or the society I migrated to. Since my arrival … Canada has changed beyond recognition.

[See: The Betrayal of Canada]

Toronto viewed south from Bloor TORONTO

Canadian values & ethics are eroding fast. The society is disintegrating and is being replaced by alien & sub-civilized cultures – all in the name of multiculturalism & accommodation to new immigrants.

Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen. These multi-ethnic people of Canada have failed to integrate even among themselves. Isn’t it foolish to assume that one day they will all live together in one “happy” family? That wishful thinking will turn into a nightmare. In my two decades of “rich multicultural experience”, I’ve yet to see a business owned by, for example, a Chinese-Canadian or Indo-Canadian or a Pakistani-Canadian, employing anybody outside their own ethnic group. The exceptions are far & few between. The policy of multiculturalism has failed drastically. It has become a one-way street : “You give & we take”. [<<click]

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Some of my family members settled in this country a century ago, but they came here to live in & adopt the ways of Canadian society. Their goal was to assimilate, whereas now, I see that East Indian (and all other immigrants) are flocking to Canada not to assimilate, but to berate & hate Canadian society, create their own ghettos, live in their cocoons – all the while milking all the benefits Canada has to offer. I would describe what is happening as an ‘invasion’ – not ‘immigration’. 

[See: Importing Jamaican “Culture”]

As you’ve correctly mentioned, we need to cut down on our annual immigration numbers drastically. Those high numbers are not only shattering the centuries-old, established morals & principles of this nation and wrecking the lives of existing Canadians, but they are affecting immigrants like me too who came here to adopt a new & morally-superior culture— something which was missing in our own cultures.

Canada’s current immigration policies support cultures which will degrade it. This is not how you make a nation great.

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada

[Those Visible-Minority (NON-white) numbers now exceed 19% according to the 2011 Census Report. (Update to 2015: Now over 20%, and still rising) The 7,000,000+ foreigners (seven million!) who’ve landed on our sovereign soil only since 1981 is the greatest immigration deception ever perpetrated on White Canadians and who are now destined to become a minority-race within the next few decades.]

Just think : What actually does make a nation great, livable & developed?? It is their people. And why are some countries undeveloped and “Third World”? Again, it’s because of their people. So, if we let people from these Third-World countries immigrate into Canada by ship loads, what are they going to bring in with them?? The same ethics, values, etiquette, habits & culture – everything they had in their left-behind, backward societies.

And when these people come in hordes, they will never aspire to, (nor) integrate & assimilate into Canadian society. Therefore, their “NET BENEFIT” to Canadian Society is absolutely ‘ZERO’.

How could people who could not make their own country great, livable & developed – be of any good to Canada?


Don’t you think they will make (and have already made in many cases) this once great country like their own Third-World country?

[See: Importing Black Violence]

Canada became a great Nation and a developed country because the people who made it like that, emigrated from the developed & moralistic societies of great countries. The only way we can save this once great nation from becoming another backward Third- World country is to cut down on immigration … especially immigration from Third-World countries.

Because of flawed immigration policies, the UK, Sweden, France, The Netherlands & Belgium, are spiraling down fast and heading towards their (own) demise.

My aim in expressing these opinions is to spread some awareness among my fellow citizens. We all would gain if we worked together and saved Canada from rolling down a path toward National Suicide. Save Canada … while there’s still hope of survival !  >Source

[For added emphasis – underlined words and links by ELN]

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  1. Precisely our arguments about immigration here in Australia. Nothing against immigration, after all we’re all migrants anyway. But it’s the nature of current immigration, the quality of people we allow in that’s of concern. We migrants over the past 200 plus years have forged a very clean organised society. We’re fairly homogeneous but accept some variety, that’s only normal.
    But most Aussies draw the line at the ‘multi-kulti’ narrative which is based on separate cultures living within the one sovereign nation. It’s never worked successfully across Africa, the Middle East, Balkans etc. The various peoples who come to a nation to live have to accept that we all travel in the same direction. We can still follow our national/ethnic identities and cultural habits providing they don’t interfere or clash with the dominant ethos. To ignore that is to lead to conflicts and disaster.

    1. Europe’s current mass-migrant invasion should serve as a warning to other western nations as when to close the doors. It took a thousand years until 1945 for Europe’s family of nations to stabilize into some semblance of peaceful co-existence amongst themselves. Their respective nations actually had armed forces to protect their homeland borders from invading forces. Now they are tossing that hard-won stability aside to aid and helpfully guide millions of incongruent foreigners into their hard-won social welfare states. This foolish action will only result in internal strife when tribal interests begin to take precedence over national interests as seen in the official “multicultural” countries of Australia and Canada.

  2. So much Third World immigration in USA I can’t see how country can sustain elevated level society. They have also made areas here Third World enclaves. There is no work ethic, they know how to get all the welfare and in some areas natural born are strangers in their own country.

  3. ‘Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen’

    That’s a very succinct and accurate summation. Everything the writer says could be applied directly to the Australian situation. ‘Multi-ethnic’ we could live with, ‘multi-cultural’ not, as it’s just been seen as a policy that allows singular groups to enter and coalesce on a religious and cultural basis in ghettos from which emerge young disgruntled people who are neither one thing or the other. Drugs, crime and joining up with lunatic groups like ISIS are the result.

    1. Yes, I remember when living under the social milieu of a “mono-culture” more than a generation ago when the expression “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” was often stated. As this writer has stated, multiculturalism is destroying the very fabric that held us together.

      Unlike today’s young minds who think its “always been this way“, the older generations have the advantage of having first-hand knowledge and experience of the before/after effects due to straddling that invisible demarcation line.

      In your nation, Australian blogger (former South-African) “LimeLite” is often my daily check-in Blog down-under.

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