Canadians ask: Why are we importing impoverished refugees? Why can’t we put our own poor and elderly people first?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Those are the questions asked by any sensible person in any town in America, and obviously in Canada, once they learn about how their government is bringing in (and planting!) thousands and thousands of refugees annually who are in need of government ‘services.’

(I get asked those questions every time I speak with someone just being introduced to this issue!)

One day this situation is going to boil over into social unrest, if it isn’t already in certain pockets of the western world, and chaos will rain down upon us.  (Or is that the plan?)

This is from The Vancouver Sun (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’).

The gist of it is that an earlier piece about how much elderly refugees in Canada receive from the government brought out a firestorm of criticism from the public.

Here is how the story begins:

On Monday, The Vancouver Sunprint edition ran a front-page…

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