Jayne Gardener Speaks Her Mind


By Jayne Gardener

I won’t dance! At least not to the tune that the politically-correct-thought-crime gestapo want me to dance to.

“Anti-Semitic” — It’s a Trick!   We [Jews] always use it!

I’m sick of this politically correct nonsense that stifles free speech and assassinates the character of anyone who doesn’t tow the line.

$15,000,000,000 (BILLION) To ISRAEL Every Year? Did YOU Know?

I have had quite a few comments accusing me of being either a “racist“, an “anti-semite” or a “homophobe”, and in some cases … all three descriptions.

I am not here here to plead my case, since people will believe what they want … regardless of what I say, and I have no control over what other people think.

But … for what it’s worth, I don’t hate anyone. I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate people of colour. I don’t hate homosexuals.

With that out…

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