Koinen Speaks His Mind

From Koinen’s Corner


Some plain talk about how things really are, how they work, what the problems are, who is pulling the strings, and where things are headed. Your guide to social/political/racial reality.

You can take these truisms to the bank. This is really all you need to know. (I challenge the Jews, their dark minions, and other anti-Whites and White race-traitors to disprove the essential truth of any of my contentions which follow.)

Truth in general.

All too many of our own people have forsaken the truth in their daily lives. As a result, we have surrendered our honor and we have betrayed our progeny. We have turned our backs on a world-view based on objective reality. We refuse to … in fact, we are afraid to … even think about the truth … when it comes to such things as race and Jews. Such things as racial reality and the incompatible differences between the races. Such things as the truth about the “complicit and culpable” Jews and their efforts to distort history, pervert our culture, genocide us out of existence with racial-mixing, and promote and provoke wars.

Each, and every one of us, is lied to about these matters, from the day we are born, by our parents and family, friends, preachers, schools (textbooks and teachers), the press and entertainment media, and politicians and government.


Race in general.

Our culture and our people are being destroyed by forced integration with non-Whites, which inevitably leads to race-mixing (miscegenation) and the deterioration of our culture, and our genetic heritage (contamination of our gene pool).

We are taught the ridiculous absurdity that race is just a “social construct” … even though that is just patently and demonstrably nonsensical. Although not recognized as such — due to political correctness — if human races were categorized using the usual standards of taxonomy they would be considered a subspecies of homo sapiens. As such, the races differ significantly in countless ways – genetics; physical and mental characteristics; behavioral traits; abilities of all kinds including the ability to engage successfully in modern, civilized societies; and many other ways.



On average and as a group, Negroes are of comparatively low intelligence (IQ), behaviorally impulsive, and prone to criminal behavior, and generally less evolved than Whites. They are ill-equipped to share and participate in our societies and the institutions of White Western Civilization (witness the abject failures of all the countries and cities in which they dominate). They are destructive of our society, culture, cities, and schools. They are hugely and disproportionately responsible for soaking up welfare resources and for violent crime (especially interracial crime), putting a strain on law enforcement, the criminal justice system and prison costs, and weakening and inflating the costs of the public education system.

We should not deceive ourselves about our Negro problem. If we allow things to continue as they are, they will degrade our gene pool and destroy our orderly society, our schools, and our culture.


Whites as a failed sub-species.

The one area in which — we Whites  have most definitely not been superior … in which we have, in fact … been decidedly lacking, if not inferior, especially in recent decades … is racial survival.

Our superior ability to think has, unfortunately, allowed us to engage in massive “wrong-think” … possibly because we are more evolved and civilized when compared with some of the other races, and are therefore farther removed from the instinctual, more ‘animalistic‘ ways of some of the darker races; we seem to be less able to do the natural things required for survival, when we find ourselves in competition with less developed and accomplished peoples.

[Updated to Nov. 2016] More “plain talk” from 19 yr. old Evalion

In our striving to be “fair and nice”, and in our sympathetic compassion for less accomplished people, we seem to be dead-set on surrendering our wealth; the safety of our mothers, wives, and children; our homelands; our lives; and the very future of our people. Just throwing it all away. Turning our backs and shutting our eyes as we are being plundered, preyed upon, and genocided. In fact, many of our people even aid and abet that travesty with their work, money, and other resources.  >> read much MORE.


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