For The Love Of Purity – A Primer On Nordic Racial Policy

Nordic Anti Semite

Convergence: The races are different species and have come together through intermixture and converged. The Nordic Race is the unconverged White Race.


Of the White Racial denomination, the Nordic Race is the original and pure. All other individuals are mixed with the other denominations of man. These other denominations, these other races are undesirable and to breed with them is to soil all future culture creating ability and to end your lineage.

Whenever the Nordic Race has shared space with the Jews, they have always demanded equality from us, whether it’s through Christianity, Democracy, Liberalism or Marxism.

At first it was so that they could blend in. The denial of any significant differences between people was the foundation for the Jews intrusion into Western European Society. Now it is used to destroy us completely. They, the Jews, want to be masters of a world in which they would never naturally…

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