Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative

By Enza Ferreri

If this is not the essence of colonialism … I don’t know what is. A bunch of NON-British pontificating on what the core values of Britain are … or should be.

We have here — on a BBC programme —  one of the endless series of debates on what is Britishness that have been part of the UK public discourse only since the arrival on these shores of vast numbers of people belonging to the ethnic, religious and geographic groups represented by most the debaters in this video.

[Note how the “proverbial elephant” in the room — RACE — is carefully avoided by almost everybody.]

Can you imagine 60, 100, 200 years ago, people having discussions on what Britishness was?  Everybody knew what it was … until mass, uncontrolled immigration from the Third-World started in the last few decades … and has not stopped.

[ OUR Culture, OUR Land]

I found this comment to the video on YouTube spot on: “all because you NON-whites have a British accent … it doesn’t make u British“.

[Editor’s note: Yes indeed. How strange that NON-white people are quick to declare their “Britishness” whether born in Britain or not. To use a simple analogy of cow being born in a horse barn … does not make the cow a horse. It’s doubtful than many Euro-whites born in countries such as India or Jamaica would proudly declare their nationalities of those nations. Instead, they would most likely state of being born there, but not proudly claim any nationality status of those nations.]

[NON-whites should read this: A Sense of Belonging ]

That being born and bred in this country (U.K.) … does not provide a national identity, or guarantee national loyalty, as is too often wrongly accepted is demonstrated by an Asian man {Pakistani or Indian in Britain … not Oriental} in this discussion. He openly declares that he was born and educated in Britain, but nevertheless his sense of identity is precisely not having that identity; indeed he goes as far as saying that Britishness means not having an identity.

[Read: Telling IT Like IT Is]

He was also very good at tying himself in (il)logical knots when he told a Hindu woman that her way of thinking was “unBritish“. How can you define what is “unBritish” if you haven’t defined “British” — since in his opinion — that word is tantamount to nothing?

It’s disingenuous of “Professor of Poetry” Benjamin Zephaniah to say … that multiculturalism has been part of Britain since the time of the ancient Celts, Picts and Romans, although that claim is a staple of the usual pro-multi-culti argument.

What he’s referring to was not multiculturalism.

That was war of different (White) peoples against each other. The Celts were in Britain first, then they were conquered by the Romans. After the Romans eventually left, the Celts fought against the Angles and the Saxons, and finally retreated to Wales, Scotland and Cornwall. Then it was the turn of the Vikings to war with the Anglo-Saxons, and after them the Normans invaded and dominated England.

It was violence and invasion, and it was bloody.

Make no mistake! Current immigration levels and the imposition of multiculturalism are entirely recent historical phenomena without any precedent, not only in the history of Britain … but also of Europe.

It is an experiment carried out on the skin of the indigenous populations. Like all experiments, it can go very badly wrong … and there are numerous signs everywhere that it has.

And, as the TV debate in the video above truthfully represents, the (real) natives are marginalised voices in this experiment, and the decisions made about it … while the ethnic minorities have a much greater weight.

This video shows the new reality of the country: invasion and colonisation.  >Source
(For added emphasis, bold, italicized, underlined words and links by ELN Editor)

A powerful Speech by Jonathan Bowden is added to this video showing real BRITISH people as they really were (circa 1900) — and still are — once awakened to their true nationality. It’s suggested you watch this video TWICE… once for the memorable scenes, and then again, to listen to the spoken words. 

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6 thoughts on “Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative

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  1. One can only imagine what Enoch Powel would have said about this “debate.” His anger would be apoplectic. Enoch Powell was 100% right and I’m sure many Britons agree with this by now. The one bright moment in the show is when the British gentleman calls the Dreadlock guy “Sunshine.” It’s really beautiful. So refreshing to see someone verbally stand up to these bullies.

    1. Yes … chuckles galore on the “Sunshine” label, then followed by theatrical indignities of the offended recipient.

      Enoch Powell was very prescient in his dismal forecast of Britain’s future, which happens to be now! And judging from this 1970s video clip, I believe he had more supporters than was acknowledged by the controlled press. This was pre-pc times, so people actually spoke their minds without fear of being labeled with the usual slurs.

      1. The white public on the street has seen this coming for years. Working class whites in particular. In hind sight it’s clear that our governments and media have consistently worked against the interest of the white public for the past 50 years. I no longer believe that democracy can work in a multiethnic society.

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