Black Population Welfare-Bomb


Shasta is 15 yrs. old.

Her biological fatheris in prison… and three of her brothers have been jailed for various offenses – one for murder. Her mother is on welfare.

Shasta is BLACK, poor and pregnantagain, for the 2nd time with an illegitimate baby. She receives FREE

Street dancer at Second Line parade in support... Jumping for Joy

housing, electricity, food stamps, and welfare payments. She knows her welfare assistance will increase upon the birth of her 2nd “out-of-wedlock” baby.

Her first child was born premature in one of the largest public hospitals in the nation, Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Her first baby’s medical bills amounted to more than $78,000. Thousands of taxpayers in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the rest of the USA, must now shoulder the burden of Shasta and her offspring in perpetuity.

[See: Middle-Class Worker Bees

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[ELN Editor Note: We conducted a

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  1. As if the more than doubling of Africa’s population every 40 years was not enough! Thats not including the niggers that leave. It paints an even scarier picture when you think of the Niggers inside of America on another continent. They have a whole new spawn point now! The useless blacks exhaust their carrying capacity everywhere and keep getting helped.

    These niggers should die out, its natural. We should not help them or tolerate them. Feed a beggar and you always have a beggar. Let them drop off and lets continue with a beautiful Nordic humanity.

    1. Competitive altruism among White folks is just one driving force that causes skewed priorities to gain the upper hand at the expense of our own self advancement.

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