U.S. Civil War – Not A Slave Issue


Lincoln, in a top hat, with Allan Pinkerton an...

By Jackie Patru

In school we learned that the U.S. Civil War was fought over the slavery issue. Abraham Lincoln was a “hero” because he freed the slaves. Actually, as we discover, when he declared war on the southern states which decided to secede from the Union, old Abe violated the Constitution allegedly to “preserve the Union.” The Civil War was in reality the War for Southern Independence – freedom from rigid economic controls by northern industrialists who influenced government – NOT an issue of slavery.

Most importantly the War for Southern Independence expressed the inviolable right of the people to be self-governing. States which voluntarily “joined” the Union of States retained the power to withdraw if it was deemed necessary. Those who say otherwise are ignorant or liars.

The U.S. Congress, in compliance with Bill Clinton’s edict, (was) contemplating legislation which would make reparations to ancestors of slaves. Aside…

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