Wake Up, America!

Her Blog:  Refugee Settlement WATCH

Let’s cut to the chase, here. There exists a planned agenda to dilute all White nations, and ONLY White nations with hordes of incompatible, NON-white 3-world world foreigners … with or without your permission. The U.N., the “church” groups, and your countries’ politicos are NOT streamlining millions of poverty-stricken foreigners into your towns and neighborhoods for heartfelt, altruistic purposes. Instead, these newly-arrived foreigners are being used as human torpedoes to destroy the last remnants of whatever racial harmony is left intact in the US. With an approximate one million legal immigrants, plus another million illegal aliens flowing into the United States every year … illiterate “refugees” from around the globe represent just another stream of invaders being used as a tool of destruction to disrupt a once fairly-stable, harmonious nation. See: A White Racial Crisis

Also … note that WHITE South Africans are never considered as potential refugees for Western nations despite the continuing, piecemeal slaughter being carried out against them in their own country.  See: White Genocide in South Africa

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