Prussian Virtues: We Need Them Now More Than Ever


prussian discipline

With the West in steep decline, while a handful of us speak and spread the truth, there comes a time to recognize the value of virtue in all it’s splendid glory.

Prussian virtues, destroyed by the Allies at the end of World War II (at the behest of Jews and Jewish bankers), must take center stage in our sabotage of the System. Virtue should be our foundation of morality that inspires us.

Here’s a list of 26 virtues that I found tonight at Julius1889.

These 26 points of moral, honorable behavior resonate with me. I can’t picture nonwhites practicing these virtues on a large scale. In fact, few today from any ethnic group would praise this list the way I have. What say you?

• Sincerity (German: Aufrichtigkeit)
• Humility or Modesty (German: Bescheidenheit)
• Industriousness or Diligence (German: Fleiß)
• Discipline (German: Disziplin)
• Obedience—but not without sincerity…

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