White People Sent on a Guilt-Trip

To even set up “White privilege” as a category is prima facie racist. It is to reduce the sum of a person, his dignity, his drive, his worth and his soul, to the colour of his skin.

I’ve seen the captious phrase “white privilege” — a camp neologism by my reading — very often lately. It emerges from the intellectual marshes of social justice “educators,” a typical pseudo-concept from that roiling pastiche of academic pursuit.


At [the] base [of] this nonsense asserts that White people come equipped — habited as it were — with all sorts of advantage, opportunities, easy dealing, and in general a faster better reach for the good things of life than human beings less pale.

The phrase has not surprisingly spawned a slogan — after all, what academic discipline doesn’t aspire to the abrupt short-thought of a bumper sticker? — “Check Your Privilege”, which translates into a hectoring from social justice warriors, as they so deliriously style themselves, for White people to stand back and tabulate, with tearful guilt, the infinite advantages that result from their epidermal good luck.


Here in Canada, “White privilege” has been with us for centuries. In my part of the country, Atlantic Canada, the White epidermis has been a pure passport to bliss and favour.

For generations Cape Bretoners, for example, have revelled in the advantages that poured on their coal-dusted heads and corrupted lungs from generations of labouring under the earth, stooping with pick and shovel, in the murky, dank, mildewed hell of the coal pits. 

No time for schooling! As a young boy, your Great (Great) Grandfather’s time in 1910 working 12-14 hour days!

Privileged? I’ll say.

How they lorded it over the folks selling haberdashery in the above-ground stores bathed in sunlight and fresh air.  Forty years in a coal mine — if accident or early death had not claimed them — and the world was their grime-coated oyster. What were the odd mine collapses, early deaths, TB, and a lifetime working in darkness and danger compared to the “privileges” that came their way just from being White?

Likewise … a lot of the early men and women who fled the Irish Famines — so White and pale from endless hunger they could pass as ghosts. Sure, they left a lot of their families either starving — literally — or past all emaciation and already into the grave. But they came to [Canada’s] East Coast as servants, went off to the holiday of a seal hunt, or chewed a living out of the thin soil and treacherous sea for generations.

…more HERE.

It was life as one big, “open-air picnic” — diversified by endless corn beef and cabbage dinners, and the beautiful thought that they didn’t ever have to worry about money or goods, because they didn’t have any money and there weren’t any goods.

But they were White — so “privilege” crowned their every hour. Up at 4 a.m. to go to sea for the men, up earlier for the women to light the (wood) stoves, start the breakfast for their masters, and work their fingers to the bone serving their “betters”. A privileged life? You betcha.

WAR was always one of the crowning moments of “White privilege”.

The poorest Whites, the least educated, always went to war in the biggest numbers. And there their “privilege” was to crowd in rat- and rain-filled trenches, huddled next to dead comrades, and then to throw themselves “over the top” to face a frenzy of artillery and rifle fire, where loss of life and loss of limb was preordained.
 h/t Incog Man


That such a pseudo-concept even exists, and has full annual academic conferences to elaborate on its tedious fancifulness, and undergraduate courses to inject it into half-formed sensibilities, testifies — one more time — to the modern university’s descent into fatuousness. That any institution which claims to be one of higher learning even allows such trivial exchange … offends the dignity of expression, and purporting to offer “instruction” under its banner is just the latest fulfillment of Alexander Pope’s prophetic alarm: “A little learning is a dangerous thing“.  […]   >to Full Article

…more “White Privileges” experienced in SOUTH AFRICA under their BLACKruled government.

Forced to live on South Africas city streets are Skilled and educated White citizens who are DENIED jobs AND social welfare.

Read more on this racial discrimination… HERE.

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Canadian City Abhors White Privileges




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