Nordic Race Preserves True Diversity Against Jews And The Underworld

Nordic Anti Semite


We all know that diversity is a code word for white genocide. This phrase finds its origin in the website Mixing races is not diversity but the opposite. Jews, especially Journalists and Jews in political and governmental positions unitedly maintain that an area is not diverse enough until it contains no white people. If it contains white people it is not diverse enough and it needs more diversity. When it is filled with other races, it can then be called ‘integrated and diverse’, even though what is resulting is often largely just a brown mess.

tumblr_nbdy8jIMz11tzda5qo1_500 ‘Brunette’, Blonde or Redhead, this is the Nordic Race, an independent species

Through that website and others we point out that this is a fact and we write it for all of our people who have so far only heard the word diversity and thought it benign, and those of our people who…

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