Leftist Mainstream Media Bias

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Canadian Media BIAS?

If you read any number of reactionary/hard-conservative blogs and websites, it is readily apparent that I’m not saying anything new. It’s all run-of-the-mill stuff that you might read on Vdare.

What makes this blog unique and valuable, in my opinion, is that these opinions are being applied to the Canadian situation. Canadians do Internet searches on Canadian issues that lead them to my site (unfortunately, original source is no longer available – Editor). I’d like to think that I’m making other true conservatives feel like they’re not alone, as well as maybe converting a person or two who happen to stumble upon my site.

Conservative Canadians are a moderately sized minority in this country, but one would NOT know that from reading newspapers or watching TV.  Unlike the United States, we have zero (conservative) representation in the public sphere.

“News” is reported with a blatant left-wing bias. The majority of my articles on this blog deal with taking Globe & Mail (newspaper) articles and rewriting them from a conservative standpoint; exposing their biases and logical errors. Today is going to be no different. I recently came across two articles which both deal with the same issue: Minorities in Canada being paid less, relative to their White counterparts, and how White “racism” is to blame. They are both long articles, so read them first, and then come back here, where I will be cherry-picking sentences that rubbed me the wrong way, and rebutting them. Black Canadians Paid Less on Average Relative to Whites: Study Canadian-Born Visible Minorities Earn Less The first article complains that:

[The StatsCan Study] found that second-generation Blacks face a wage gap of about 10% to 15% compared with non-visible minorities (who are they?? – editor). The gap persists even though the results were controlled for education and residencial [sic] location. Statscan didn’t explain why it think there’s a persistent wage gap — but it didn’t rule out discrimation[sic]. “Wage discrimination may or may not be a contributing factor,” the agency said.

I would say “may not”, and would point to hereditary IQ differences between population groups as the main culprit.

Little economic research has delved into why the gap exists. But Statscan does cite a 2008 study, by University of Toronto professor Philip Oreopoulos, which found job applicants with English-sounding names are much more likely to get a job interview than applicants with non-English-sounding names.

This study was biased, as they undoubtedly only attempted to entrap White-run companies. Did they try a study where they sent English-sounding names to East-Indian or Chinese-run companies (two ethnic groups who are very nepotistic)?  I’m sure their results would have shown definite ANTI-White bias in that case … more so than the anti-minority bias noticed above.

Newspapers are always pointing to anti-minority employer bias … but there are very real instances of ANTI-White bias that are never mentioned. Anyone who has ever traveled through Vancouver International Airport, or Toronto’s Pearson Airport, can attest to the fact that the staff is at least 80% NON-white (Canada is about 84% WHITE majority).  Journalists fly all the time.  Maybe they are all as good at “not seeing colour” as they claim. More likely, the pro-minority/anti-white bias in hiring doesn’t fit in with their worldview… so they don’t write about it, unless to celebrate it. Like in a paragraph from the second article.

She (a minority who suspected that she was being passed over for promotions in a previous job) has since found her niche, earning a salary close to six figures with an employer whose work force is 50% visible-minority (NON-white). “I’m treated very fairly here,” she said.

Where is the outrage that she now works in an office in which a certain segment of the population (Whites-84%) is under-represented in comparison to its proportion of the general population?  Oh yeah, they’re White, so it doesn’t matter. More minorities = better.

[The study] also looked at gender, and found second-generation males who are visible-minorities tend to earn less than their White counterparts “in spite of the fact that they are more likely to live in large centres and that they have higher levels of educational attainment.”

This was the dumbest sentence in either article. The biggest salaries in the big cities are definitely higher than those earned out in the country.  But the average salary in the country is much higher than the average salary in the city, because men in the country do real, productive work; like work in the oil & gas or mining industries, as well as agriculture and logging. Those jobs pay high wages. People in the city (especially racial minorities) are likely to be working in the low-paying service industry. Again, the Globe and Mail chooses to view facts subjectively through an ANTI-White lens, instead of objectively.

There are many reasons for a wage gap that don’t involve “racism“:  For example, genetically determined traits such as IQ and temperament and their choice of job. You will notice that the article didn’t state that Black doctors are getting paid less than White doctors. If more Whites become doctors, and more Blacks become janitors, the racial wage average is going to be skewed in favour of White people. Adjusting for education doesn’t mean anything. It all comes down to job choice.

Is there active discrimination in hiring by White-run companies?  Probably. They may prefer to hire people who fit in, rather than visible-minorities with an axe to grind. Racial-minority companies are much worse at racially discriminating practices… but the media becomes very silent on that issue. >Source no longer available

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