Will Swedes become a minority in their own country?

Great website in support of Sweden’s indigenous peoples.

Other White western nations are undergoing identical incursions of incompatible 3rd-world, NON-white peoples on a mass scale as to defy logical reasoning, yet this seemingly relentless immigrant “invasion” continues to erode the very foundations of our once-stable societies without hardly any protest. Younger readers mistakenly assume these un-welcomed events as natural occurrences because they were recently born into these times without hindsight.

“Oldsters” have the benefit of experience prior to current times and are able to distinguish the vast differences between a stable, homogenetic lifestyle with the incongruence of parasitical, 3rd-world foreigners who were recently force-fed into our body politic without our permission.

Swedish Surveyor

On the 23rd of September I became intrigued when reading an article in Swedens 3rd biggest newspapers. In the article a Norwegian working with statistics was shocked that the Swedish statistics institute (SCB), were doing a poor job. I decided to do some digging and bear with me because things are going to get real interesting, real fast. It boils down to the fact that the SCB are not using the same methods as the UK, the USA,Australia, and Canada among many others.

What the forementioned countries do is measure their populations using ethnicity and/or race as variables. This sounds both discriminating, politically incorrect, and racist in Sweden but there is a good reason for using those variables which I will get to. I don’t think that Australians or Americans would consider themselves “racists” for measuring that way. An African-American is not “less worthy” than a…

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