Lukewarm Race War Series: Whitey Survival Guide, Part Two

Toiletnation, USA

Part Two
The Psychology of The Domesticated, Middle-Class White

The other half of the asymmetrical FRC victimization equation is the psychology of the typical victim. I’ll try to keep this section as short as possible, which is one of my overall missions in writing this.

I’ll start by saying that, as many on the left insist, White people are privileged. By this I mean that they have the “privilege” to grow up usually safely assuming that people who look like them:

  • Will provide for them in regards to the “family contract” (housing, food, supervision)
  • Won’t behave violently towards them aside from occasional spankings, possibly
  • Won’t appear and disappear in varying states of intoxication
  • Will provide the services and goods they advertise without bold deception
  • Won’t behave in loud, boisterous, provocative and obnoxious ways

Once again, this is the NORM. We’ve all read A Child Called ‘It’ and we know…

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