“Indoctrinate U” How Universities Suppress Freedom of Speech

Smash Cultural Marxism


This is a very good documentary to watch giving an excellent insight into how universities whether they be in America or Europe or anywhere in the Western world, have become Cultural Marxist indoctrination centres which certainly do not practice what they preach in terms of demanding ‘tolerance.’

Behind the scenes they are seriously damaging the freedom of thought amongst all students who they indoctrinate with false white guilt and a biased anti-white interpretation of history.

Who would have envisaged that Orwellian ‘thought crimes’ would become a tool of oppression against the free thinking people of the West? And especially within the education systems of the West which are supposed to be apolitical, but are in fact infested with Cultural Marxist ‘progressive’ ideas that become the ‘standard’ politicised doctrine in which everybody is expected to conform. Those who don’t conform are labeled with all manner of cultural marxist ‘shaming words,’ and…

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