Cowardly Canadians

by Val Koinen

I gotta tell you — I just about ‘lost it‘ when I looked at this video (below) sent to my wife by one of her elderly email-obsessed friends (who I affectionately refer to as her old ‘biddie buddies’ — the ones who consistently do more good work by spreading important [and alarming] truths and information about all the terrible things that are constantly happening to our White societies than any of the old men I know … who are too busy playing golf and watching ni***rball on TV).

Every White American should watch this video, sent with the appropriate email heading and notation ‘This is absolutely horrendous.  The handwriting is on the wall!  Coming soon to America… now in Canada!:

Webber Academy located near CALGARY, Alberta

I had a truly visceral reaction to this.  It made me sick to my stomach; it made me feel as though I had to puke.  It made me feel dirty and defiled.  It made me feel embarrassed.  Most of all, it made me angry/livid/outraged. It made me question the sanity of my fellow White people.  And it made me want to…

‘Over-reaction on this guy’s part,’ you think?  Maybe so…but ask yourself — what are we to make of the (presumably mostly or entirely) White Canadians in government service in Alberta and Quebec (politicians, bureaucrats, supposed ‘leaders’) who allowed these things to happen — who perpetrated these cowardly, anti-White, anti-Canadian, anti-Western-Civilization betrayals?

Could they possibly be that stupid?   >>con’t HERE.


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Some European examples:

Raped In Oslo, NORWAY

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Muslim Rape Violence in FRANCE

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