Assistant Professor at Malmö University fired after criticizing multiculturalism

Swedish Surveyor

Last year the sociologist Göran Adamson was fired from his job as an associate professor at Malmö University despite being popular and appreciated by the students. He had worked there for 10 years but was let go shortly after his book on multiculturalism was released.

In my research I ventured to problematize multiculturalism and you can’t do that in Malmö – Göran Adamson to Lokaltidningen.

Some ideas are so good that you aren’t allowed to criticize them


In his book, Swedish diversity policy – a critique from the left Adamson describes what the term “diversity” actually means when used in public debate. He is also highly critical of the politisation of Swedish universities, and above all the implementation of multiculturalism as an unquestionable ideology. Adamson’s thesis is that multiculturalism is “a conservative idea taken to be progressive” and that nationalists and multiculturalists in reality share the same fundamental views.

Multiculturalists only…

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