White People are Taking Up Space Says Anti-White Group

Another article on Toronto’s Ryerson University dating back to 2007:


anti white poster

Many university students, admitted because of affirmative action, are anti-white. Many university administrators are also anti-white affirmative action hires.

Ryerson University in Canada offers this look into the anti-white mindset that dominates many institutions of higher learning today.

White Genocide Project

The Racialised Students’ Collective (RSC), a so called “anti-racist” activist group at Ryerson University, Canada, has become the latest group in academia to show its true anti-White form.

The group, which claims it “opposes all forms of racism“, says that ‘racism’ is a “system of advantage based on race“.

And no matter what country you’re in – this always means White people.

The RSC has put up posters with a blatantly anti-White narrative.

The posters read: “To all white friends and allies please knock before entering the Racialised Students’ Collective.”

“To all white/non-racialised people, please be conscious of how you race and ethnicity may be taking up space and…

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  1. I wonder if most people that see this sign will read it all the way through, because it clearly states that your race and/or ethnicity might be, “Taking up space and sliencing others?” Fucking lunacy.

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