American Oblivion

Nordic Anti Semite

I do not much care about ‘current affairs’. They will happen regardless, whether one follows them or not. Unless your race has sovereignty you can be assured they will always be of bad consequence.

It is far more important that people realise that the Jewish Media Machine will continually spin current affairs, until our race is dead, or until they become irrelevant to us by our own sovereignty, and consequently our re-establishment of control over ourselves.

es lebe der fuhrer es lebe deutshland For our folk and its identity

What has happened lately in America regarding Dylann Roof was bound to happen. This is a consequence of Jews forcing races together, then claiming racial integration the only solution to the racial hatred produced when you put different races together.

They are now using the example of Dylann Roof shooting 9 negroes as a further example for further racial integration.

Yesterday Barack Obama, who was only elected because…

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