Embracing Your New Diversity

Hilarity: they would repeatedly interrupt the young dancers from the dance school Henke their march to offer the public a small but skillful Showeinlage.  PHOTOS: DIETER SCHOLZ, STEFAN BOES AND JOHN Ahlemeyer

As a defender of White European-established nations … think of all that wonderful “DIVERSITY” and CULTURAL “ENRICHMENT” you are denying yourselves. Boring, clean, stable and crime-free cities are just “too White” for your own good!


Instead … you could have this!


So … STOP being a White-privileged RACIST and embrace our new future by introducing 3rd-World foreigners to your neighborhood. The evidence is clear … those “progressive” lib/leftist thinkers are miles ahead of us race-realists in this new learning curve … so let’s follow their lead into the land of UTOPIA.

  Just look at us … we have Black friends, so we’re not racists!

SEE how miserable these Canadians were without the “joys of diversity” back in 1968 when TORONTO had a 97% White homogeneous population!


Samplings of our “enriching” immigrant-imports.


READ: Importing BLACK Crime (Canada)

Toronto the Good – Fading to BAD


EUROPE today! No passports, no language skills, no work skills and no border controls! BUT … “Welcome to Germany!

One in Six East Germans Thinking Like National Socialists


Just two years ago 10.5 percent of people in the east could be classified as having a “cohesive farright world view“, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation said.

Read more: One in Six East Germans Thinking Like National Socialists

50 MILLION Blacks Invited To EUROPE

If You’re BLACK, Go BACK!

Haitian Lynch Mobs

Help Haiti??


Italian Town EJECTS Black Foreigners

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Africa – Not Our Problem


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  1. i live in nc charlotte is a big neggro fest..as is sc…whites here are totally redneck brain washed …there fore fathers would be ashamed of these judeo christains morons
    i see tons of useless non working blacks everyday..and they are like roaches alot more sneak out at night to do there lawlessness..oh how i hate the jew for bringing these useless pieces of garbbage here

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