Embracing Your New Diversity

Hilarity: they would repeatedly interrupt the young dancers from the dance school Henke their march to offer the public a small but skillful Showeinlage.  PHOTOS: DIETER SCHOLZ, STEFAN BOES AND JOHN Ahlemeyer

As “privileged” defenders of White European-established nations … think of all that wonderful “DIVERSITY” and CULTURAL “ENRICHMENT” you are denying yourselves. Boring, clean, stable and crime-free cities are just “too White” for your own good!


Insteadyou could have this!


So … STOP being a White-privileged RACIST and just embrace our enlivened new future by introducing “enriching” masses of 3rd-World foreigners to your neighborhood.

The evidence is clear … those “progressive” lib/leftist thinkers are miles ahead of us racerealists in this new learning curve … so let’s follow their lead into the glorious land of UTOPIA.

  After all… just look at us “progressive” Leftists … we have Black friends … so we’re not racists!

SEE how miserable these Canadians were WITHOUT the “joys of diversity” back in 1968 when TORONTO had a 97% Whitemajority population!


Samplings of our “enriching” immigrant-imports.


READ: Importing BLACK Crime (Canada)

Toronto the Good – Fading to BAD


EUROPE today! No passports, no language skills, no work skills and no border controls! BUT … “Welcome to Germany!

  1 in 6 East Germans Thinking Like National Socialists


Just two years ago 10.5 percent of people in the east could be classified as having a “cohesive farright world view“, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation said.

If You’re BLACK, Go BACK!

Haitian Lynch Mobs

Help Haiti??


Italian Town EJECTS Black Foreigners

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Africa – Not Our Problem



  1. i live in nc charlotte is a big neggro fest..as is sc…whites here are totally redneck brain washed …there fore fathers would be ashamed of these judeo christains morons
    i see tons of useless non working blacks everyday..and they are like roaches alot more sneak out at night to do there lawlessness..oh how i hate the jew for bringing these useless pieces of garbbage here

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