The Psychology Of Being An Inferior Race

Nordic Anti Semite

This is a simple, introductory scientific article for those people who are of high enough quality to notice that humanity is unequal, and that the world would be better, if the majority of the world’s populace today was non-existent.

This article shows Politics, Morality and Values, to be merely the eternal battle between Human and Subhuman; human with ideas of uniqueness and subhuman with the complaining of equality. All ideas from sub humans and people who are different from you can be disregarded; their complaints against you can be put down to admissions of inferiority.

This article presents exactly why different people disagree with each other and why you can never ever coexist with people who are not like you. The earliest racial origins and their polar opposites, the primal Nordic Race and the subhuman Jew and their interactions throughout history are shown to be responsible for politics and values…

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