White Flight – A Natural Reaction to Jewish Enforced Multiculturalism

Our diminishing White MINORITY population at just 8 percent of the world’s population will continue to plummet unless ordinary White folks awake to the fact that enforced “multiculturalism” is the leading example of their own displacement in White nations … and ONLY White nations.

In contrast, neither China or India with Billions of their own homogeneous peoples, are under no threat of being replaced by a massive infusion of “diversity” foreigners from around the world who look unlike themselves.

Aside from today’s technical advancements, the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Western Europe had a better quality of family-oriented life in the 1950s when White homogeneity happily ruled the over our respective White-Euro nations without carrying the unnecessary baggage of today’s “affirmative-action” jobs, “human rights tribunals”, “hate-speech” laws and a flurry of other change-setting and divisive policies.


Smash Cultural Marxism


If you are told that something is good for you, is enriching you, and is necessary for your country to ‘survive’ then why do you move as far away from it as possible? If you are told, that we are all the same, and that race does not exist and other cultural and religious norms different to your own are just as equal and normal as your own, then why do you move as far away from them as possible?

If you haven’t already guessed, im talking about multiculturalism, ‘diversity’ and how these agendas are related to the phenomenon of white flight.

When our media and politicians tell us that multiculturalism is great for our countries, deep down we all know that the exact opposite is true. What other ethnic and cultural group other than whites, would fall for such blatant lies and why do whites become so passive to…

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