IKEA witness to “stabbing” in Sweden: Asylum seeker cut at least one head off in terrorist act

The Muslim Issue

Photo of woman beheaded by Muslim asylum seekers at IKEA in Sweden

A woman has been beheaded and the Swedish media and police calls it a “stabbing”. How truly insulting to the victim to not have her sacrifice and death acknowledged for what it truly was: an islamist decapitation and terror attack. A brutal murder by two out of thousands of asylum seekers the EU’s extreme left is demanding countries to bring into their societies. Muslim murders are taking place everywhere by these savages.

The Swedish left wing media is denying native readers the truth. They mention nothing of a beheading or the background of the savages.

Since we started this blog we have insisted that Muslims are completely unsuitable immigrants to the West, and extremely dangerous. People need to get together and demand that Muslims are deported and banned residency.

Every single Muslim may not be a terrorist, but every Muslim is a dormant and potential terrorist in need of…

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