Crispy Fried Muslim

Canada has this Indian-born politician who has the temerity to admonish White Canadians for our “White privileges”, yet it seems his new-found “political skills” should be applied in his own nation.


Gujarat Riots

When searching for photos to use to illustrate the previous post on the racially motivated rioting ongoing in India, I found this photo.

The Hindus hung and then burned Muslim children in earlier violent clashes between groups.

This picture is being posted here as a warning.

The West has been forcibly diversified via mass immigration. Our racial homogeneity has been destroyed by greedy race traitors in our government, who are puppets of the New World Order oligarchs, the Jews. Arrest that relatively small number of oligarchs and their puppets and many of our problems in the West could easily be solved.

If there is not separation of the races via deportation (such as Donald Trump has proposed in America), then crispy fried white children are in our future.

If you don’t give a f*ck about yourself, white man, can you at least think about the future that white children face…

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