Hire Canadians Before Immigrants

By Shelly Walton,
Airdrie, Alberta

I have recently read the article in the Alaska Highway News, Fort St. John, BC where the Mayor, Lori Ackerman (Contact her: Lori Ackerman, Phone: 250.787.8160, Email: lackerman@fortstjohn.ca) has announced that a pilot project to hire skilled FOREIGN workers is going to proceed … having now received the support of both the provincial and federal governments.

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This is an absolute outrage to every Canadian, given the high unemployment rates, as posted on the Employment and Social Development Canada Website, and not in accordance with the Statistics Canada monthly surveys, which are ridiculous, and not even close to providing any sort of accurate numbers regarding our unemployment rates.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Canada who are unemployed. Stephen Harper’s government is the worst government that has governed this country since the Second World War. He has, and continues to sell our country out at every turn and has opened up the international borders to the cheapest and most unskilled labour forces in the world.

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In addition to allowing temporary foreign workers, he has allowed for many of our major corporations and employers to outsource our jobs — including engineering, IT and call centres — to name a few. I know of engineering companies who have only a very few engineers on staff who upon receiving drawings from India or Chile, are required to place their Canadian/Alberta Stamp on the document … giving it approval to proceed.

The unemployment rates continue to be extremely under-reported in the news based upon Statistics Canada Surveys on a monthly basis rather than look at the Employment and Social Development Canada website that posts the Unemployment Rates by Economic Region across Canada. These numbers are still not a true reflection of the unemployed, as they do not report contractors and those who either do not qualify for EI benefits or whose benefits have run out.

There are many economic regions across this country in the double digits, including north British Columbia and northern Alberta. The age group of young men between 15 and 24 is extreme, and the last reported rate in Alberta in May, 2015 showed an unemployment rate in this group of 11.8 per cent.

How can our governments continue to sell out Canadians by allowing corporations to seek employees from the lowest bidder. These people do not keep their earnings in this country, they do not contribute to the growth and prosperity of a community, only the growth and prosperity of the employer, and if the employer is not hiring Canadians, that employer’s success does not benefit the community.

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I think our Minister of Labour has a duty to contact the British Columbia government to discuss putting some of our unemployed skilled domestic workers to work, and perhaps, provide them with some financial aid to mobilize to where the jobs are in B.C., or other parts of Canada.

You must read the comments of the over 2,000 people who have signed the petition that I started on Friday against the program announced by Mayor Lori Ackerman and you will see that there is much, much anger amongst Canadians.

There is desperation of families who cannot continue to support their families, we cannot allow this to happen any longer. Our country is crumbling and the financial ability of Canadians to compete with foreign workers is completely unfair.

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Canadians are being prejudiced against, and I intend to look into whether or not, in fact, these programs are a breach of our Constitutional Rights in this country, given that there is evidence of unemployed Canadians that the government ignores and allows corporations to ignore. The program only meets the greed and bottom line of corporations and does nothing for Canada.

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If you review the economies of some of the main countries that the foreign workers are coming from … their economies, in fact, have growth rates that our country has not seen in a very long time. The Philippines economy has a current rate of growth of over six per cent. Their unemployment rates are not that far above ours, and the people living below poverty in that country is not much higher than ours. Our economic growth is in the negative and has been for a long time. >Source Original source:  http://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/opinion/letters/hire-canadians-before-immigrants-1.2039748

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  1. Sorry to say but your comments are mostly populist and sensationalist. Just because 50 welders are unemployed in Canada, it doesn’t mean that a company in Alberta or SK that wants to hire one of them will be able to. Plus, sometimes a person is unemployed because they are not the cream of the crop. I work in recruitment and know how hard it is to attract labour to work for an employer who is not in a major urban centre. Many companies cannot find the labour they are looking for and are faced with the decision of hiring SKILLED (not unskilled/cheap) labour from overseas or to close their doors and Canadians would lose their jobs too. Give your head a shake and realize that there are two sides to every story.

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